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    Who to trust with wheels/tires in the Dayton Ohio area???

    Guys, Quick question: who in the Dayton area can be trusted with high-end wheel/tire changes, etc.? Thanks in advance! Ben, aka snampro
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    Sad day, car is gone...

    Wife is pregnant with twins AND she's goona be a stay-at-home mommy...
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    Sad day, car is gone...

    Yeap, sold my car today, made me want to cry to see it go. Such a beautiful machine, I don't think I've ever been so attached to a thing like I was to that car. It was something people that knew me identified with me. I always wanted one as a kid, and I guess I was lucky to realize that...
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    Contacting Mike Robbins

    Anyone have Mike Robbins' email? I used to have it but seem to have misplaced it. Shoot me a PM if you do, thanks. Nevermind, I got him on the other site...
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    Car Cover FYI...

    didn't buy one with a vette logo on it, I think covers like that are a little lame and usually cost more, just a high quality cover to "custom fit" a vette
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    Car Cover FYI...

    I have lugged a useless car cover around for years. It was a very nice custom cover for my 2004 Corvette C5 that I sold. When I recently moved, I almost threw it away because I was so annoyed none of my corvette buddies would buy it. Well, today I got the great idea to see if it would fit...
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    Ohio VCA, put me "in the loop"

    tbsviper: thanks, I checked the website and saw that. I'll be there.
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    Saturday drive through Ohio

    tbsviper: thanks, I checked the website and saw that. I'll be there.
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    This is different--almost got skewered (pics)

    just a thought, but I wonder if insurance would total the car if you reported it?
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    Saturday drive through Ohio

    Venomiss: I haven't heard a thing from the Ohio club. I haven't tried to call yet as you suggested. I may try that this week if I get the time. Blue Pilot: It would be nice to have another car to run with. Isn't North Benton around Akron? That's a hell of a drive from Dayton, I guess we...
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    Saturday Drive!

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    Saturday drive through Ohio

    My wife had the great idea of taking the VIPER out for a drive Saturday. She found a fall foliage website (Ohio Fall Foliage 2006 - Central Ohio Driving Tours) that had several excellent drive suggestions. This was our first scenic "drive" since we moved to Ohio, so it was fun to see what was...
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    Ohio VCA, put me "in the loop"

    Hey guys, I'm now permanently located in Dayton, OH and I'm wondering what I need to do to get in the loop with your club? I'll make sure to mark Ohio as my region this year when renewing my VCA membership, but I was wondering if there is an email distro list or something that would keep me...
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    Passenger Window Stuck -96GTS

    you have windows? that's not a VIPER!!!
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    Car hit with Milkshake

    just sit back and hope that the next time you are stuck in traffic for an accident its the guy that messed with your car...karma.