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    Prayers for Vegas

    Man has free will and the story gets played out. Everything gets squared on judgement day.
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    Put new wheels on the ACR

    Videos are good. Needs some "Five Finger Death Punch" or "Killswitch Engage" for background music.
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    Put new wheels on the ACR

    All viper owners are juvenile ********. Wake up lol
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    Put new wheels on the ACR

    Stop being such a *****. Geez.....
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    told ya and it will get worse

    LOL I'm sure when the last one rolls off the line the prices will go up...
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    What color to paint rear spoiler?

    Black for sure. Hydro dipped carbon fiber would be cool but probably expensive.
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    96 Viper on EBay

    For a lot more money.
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    IT'S OFFICIAL!!... bye bye VIPER :(

    Probably less than 5000 of them left. Wrecked and in junkyard heaven...
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    I just ordered a set of these in gun metal , they now offer them in 18x11 and 19x13 which is what I am getting. Going to run 295 and 355 like the gen 5 set up. Don't look that much different than Blacksnake99's but a whole lot cheaper lol. If I don't like them I can always sell them and not be...
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    Advice on Viper Repair

    Pay your attorney to send them a letter with legal action if car isn't completed by (you pick the date) if nice is the way you must go. If car hasn't been touched you should get it back with a full refund plus your attorney expenses. This is why you never pay in full for anything up front on a...
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    A little surprised ...but not really...

    The old geezer judges can't get their butts in and out of one and call it "clown car' etc...I've heard them. The younger ones love it but they get out numbered. Funny how my GTS has people all around most of the day.
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    IT'S OFFICIAL!!... bye bye VIPER :(

    Sounds like a lame excuse to me.
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    Club is here two stay II

    Well, I'm sure Free could come up with something snappy lol but you get my point.
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    Club is here two stay II

    The term "club" is so yuppie. If they changed it to Viper Gang of America membership would skyrocket! He,he... Also, maybe a shoot the s**t category similar to an "anything goes" for paid members only. When a bar or restaurant changes owners they remodel and change the name to attract new...