1. R

    1994 RT/10 Fuel pump not working?

    Good afternoon! Gonna try to keep it short but provide as much info as I can. I was just recently passed down a 1994 RT 10. Car just has over 20,000 miles on it. It has rarely been driven and it’s spent most of its time sitting in the garage covered. Before it was passed down to me, the...
  2. J

    Gen 1 alarm help

    I recently had to change out my '94 battery and now it won't start and I don't have the key fob. After doing a ton of searching, it seems my only two options are to have it towed to a dealership or have someone tell me the work around. I realize that's very powerful information to have so I can...
  3. 03Viper

    2003 Alarm problem =(

    New member. I just got a 2003, was testing the locks and Alarm went off. Went into theft mode, aftermarket alarm FOB does not register, cannot locate aftermarket alarm box or valet button, keyhole does not turn, had to tow car home =( Steve from the other club said **** the keyhole (will do...

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