gen iv

  1. Delirious1

    Driver window

    Driver side window was in full up position(touching roofline) got it to go down once has not moved since, applied power directly to window motor and it moves fine no binding or odd noise. The wires checked good in door for continuity, switch has power and swapped switches passenger side works...
  2. jordan

    WTB: 2008-2010 SRT 6-spoke brushed polished OEM wheels

    Hey guys. I picked up my 2001 GTS about 3 years ago and have been hovering a lot in this forum, just watching the banter and seeing what everyone is into. When I got my GTS, it came with tires that were rock hard, date code on them looks to be the original tires. I'm the 5th or 6th owner, and...
  3. Bill Pemberton Woodhouse

    Super nice 2008 Venom red Convertible in stock at Woodhouse.

    We did Woodhouse-ize it as the tires had tons of tread , but.....................were on the car since before the Revolutionary War! New Michelins installed all the way around, fluids checked and replaced as needed ( oil changed so it would be fresh for the new owner) . You can find it on our...

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