power window

  1. Johnz

    Parts right side window switch.

    Looking for a new power window switch or is there a way to fix the switch. Window goes down but not up from passage side. Able to go up and down from driver's control. found the part number for 2013 SRT viper GTS. Does anyone know where to find parts? Everyone says no longer supported on...
  2. H

    Help Needed: Driver Side Power Window and Buttons Issue

    Hi, I'm facing an issue with my 2016 viper. The driver side power window and buttons are not working. Checked fuses and relays - all good. Additionally, the window doesn't roll down slightly when opening/closing the door. Could it be the switch, body control module, or damaged wiring? It seems...
  3. Delirious1

    Driver window

    Driver side window was in full up position(touching roofline) got it to go down once has not moved since, applied power directly to window motor and it moves fine no binding or odd noise. The wires checked good in door for continuity, switch has power and swapped switches passenger side works...
  4. B

    2016 SRT Power Window Issue!

    Hello Guys, I’m new to this platform. I just got a 2016 SRT with 4K miles on it. Now I’m having issues with the power windows they work”randomly” but after some troubleshooting I kinda found what’s going on. Basically windows go up and down no issues then after the car idles or drive for mins...

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