1. K

    Brand new viper rattler wheels, black no caps

    Brand new black viper rattler wheels for sale $1350 firm buyer is responsible for pick up and or all shipping costs and arrangements Ships from zip code is 92679 Thank you
  2. O

    What Tire Size For 18x11 fronts and 18x13 rears on gen 2 GTS?

    Was wondering what people are running for a street tire on a 97 gts with 18x11 fronts and 18x13 rears? Preferably No rubbing, cutting, hitting the hood, or lowering. If you have pictures feel free to post as well.
  3. G

    Wtb: oz racing wheels 18inch

    I’m looking for a set of 18inch oz challenge racing wheels for my 98 gts. Please message me if you have a set that your looking to sell
  4. Stag Stopa

    WTB: OEM 6-spoke front wheels 18x10

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for two fully polished factory front wheels 18x10 (5181466AA) to restore my Viper to its former glory (I'm gonna post the whole 'Autobahn accident and repair story' once it's finnished). Every Mopar dealer told me they're on backorder without ETA (out of stock...
  5. jordan

    WTB: 2008-2010 SRT 6-spoke brushed polished OEM wheels

    Hey guys. I picked up my 2001 GTS about 3 years ago and have been hovering a lot in this forum, just watching the banter and seeing what everyone is into. When I got my GTS, it came with tires that were rock hard, date code on them looks to be the original tires. I'm the 5th or 6th owner, and...
  6. N

    Wheels for 98 GTS

    First time poster and new Viper owner; been a dream car since I was a kid. Just got an all-stock '98 GTS; bad news is that the tires are toast and I didn't do enough due diligence ahead of time and have just found out that tires are impossible to come by for the 17" rear; at least in a...
  7. A

    FS: Paxton SC Kit, 19/20 Forged Niche Wheels (pics)

    Paxton Kit: This fits all 2003-2006 Vipers. This is the Tuner kit which did not include the FMU upgrade - the FMU is an outdated design and I believe most who invest in this kit would invest in doing a better fuel setup. I also have the SCT tuning device which can be included if buyer wants to...
  8. Vpr898

    Gen II OEM Wheel Finishes

    Does anyone know what factory finishes the '96 and '97 GTS wheels came with? I know that the '96 are two-piece cast and welded and the '97 are of identical design but single piece forged. But that's all I remember. I can't readily find the information, thanks for the help!

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