1995 Wiper Control Module


Dec 7, 2022
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Maryland, USA
Hello All,

I am a first time owner of a 1995 Viper. Could not afford one new in 1995 (I was 31 :). Now, the house is paid for and the kids have all gone to college :) My Turn. What the **** did I just do????? I actually had to look up how to adjust the side view mirror. REALLY????? Anyway, it a process. It's gonna take time. I get that. First question: Where is the wiper control module located? Also, please confirm that there is just one for my year Viper. Apparently, the wiper arms don't like each other. Everytime I turn on the Wiper switch, I'm watching an MMA match.

Thank you for your help :)
P.S. I'm sure i'll be back with many, many, many more questions. I might even set a national record for most questions asked in a single year. Is there a trophy for that?