1997 Dodge Viper GTS For Sale in Massachusetts - Custom Purple Paint - Rebuilt Title - $56k


Nov 20, 2020
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Leominster, MA
Full Photo Gallery:https://photos.app.goo.gl/krPjo1mYY4C6VbL19

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This 1997 Viper GTS is in incredible condition and has been meticulously maintained by both myself and the prior owner. The prior owner ran an auto body/performance shop specializing in vipers. Nearly every aspect of this car has been gone through and refreshed both cosmetically and mechanically over the past several years.

This car was in an accident in 2001 which cracked the hood and damaged the front bumper. The only damage from the accident was the front bumper and hood, no suspension or frame. The car now carries a rebuilt title. Photos of the damage can be seen at the end of this album.

The car was repainted in 2019 with a custom purple paint. The paint quality is excellent and every panel on the car is wrapped in Suntek PPF then covered with two layers of Feynlab ceramic coating.

The wheels are 19x11, 19x13 Forgestar CF5V with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. The wheels are ceramic coated and are in perfect condition. The tires only have a few thousand miles on them and are in perfect condition.

The brakes are OEM Brembo calipers which have been powder coated white and have ceramic pads installed. The brakes are like new.

The suspension is JRZ Motorsport double adjustable coilovers with external reservoirs. These were fully rebuilt by Olsen Motorsports in 2019 and have Eibach 550lb/750lb springs. The ride and handling are both very impressive with this suspension. Every bushing and mount in the car has been replaced in the past few years. Control arm bushings and sway bar bushings are polyurethane from Energy Suspension. Rear lower shock mount is a billet replacement. Front and rear tie rods and sway bar end links are all new. Power steering pump bracket, pulley, and rack bushings are all billet replacements. Power steering pump was replaced with a new OEM part. Engine mounts are OEM replacements, while the transmission and differential mounts are polyurethane.

The car has 46,500 miles and runs great, the car has been dynoed at 450HP and 509 ft-lb at the wheels. The engine, transmission, and differential fluids were all changed at 46,000 miles. This is a factory forged engine unlike later model years. The differential has Mopar Performance 3.73 gears installed. The exhaust is custom with 5-1 long tube headers, 3” exhaust with mufflers in the side sills, and a single muffler at the back with black tips. The exhaust is LOUD, this is a car I only ever took out for drives and car shows so it never bothered me, but if you plan to put a lot of miles on the car you might want to change to a quieter exhaust. An IPSCO short shifter is installed along with a Raceseng shift knob. The A/C works but is not blowing as cold this year as it has in the past so I suspect it needs a recharge.

The cooling system has been completely refreshed and updated. The water pump and thermostat have been replaced with OEM parts along with silicone radiator hoses, a 3-row aluminum radiator, 00+ cooling fan conversion, and upgraded oil cooler lines.

The interior is in excellent condition. A custom LCD rear view mirror has been installed which greatly helps with rear visibility. The driver’s seat has 2” lowering brackets installed which are great for taller people, I also have the factory slider rails which can easily be installed.

In June 2021 (46,000 miles), the clutch slave cylinder failed so I took the opportunity to refresh the drivetrain. The following parts were replaced.

OEM rear main seal
Cometic rear main seal cover gasket
OEM clutch slave cylinder
OEM pilot bearing
OEM clutch / pressure plate
Fidanza aluminum flywheel
ARP flywheel bolts
ARP pressure plate bolts
OEM clutch master cylinder / reservoir / line
Remote clutch bleed line (bleed in engine bay rather than underneath)
Replaced brake hardlines with copper-nickel lines to address corrosion
Replaced fuel hardlines with copper-nickel lines to address corrosion
Stainless steel brake hoses
Brake fluid flush - ATE TYP200 DOT4 fluid
Replaced fuel filter and quick-connect flex hose
Rebuilt driveshaft with Spicer U-joints and straps
Rebuilt rear axles with Spicer U-joints and straps
Replaced OEM rubber differential mounts with polyurethane mounts
Replaced parking brake cables
Engine Oil - Motul 300V 5W-40 with OEM filter
Transmission fluid - Liquimoly Top Tec 1200 ATF
Differential fluid - Motul 75W-140 competition gear oil
Installed billet transmission crossmember with polyurethane transmission mount

The car is located in Leominster, Massachusetts. Price is $56,000

Full Photo Gallery:https://photos.app.goo.gl/krPjo1mYY4C6VbL19


Jun 4, 2018
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IMO its a shame it was repainted. I would think B/W seems to be what is most desirable in Gen 2s, but I am biased a little.

Car does look very nice and Good Luck man.

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