2001 GTS runs 205.662 MPH


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Jan 20, 2003
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Lake Mary, Florida USA
Have not been on the forum for awhile or been out driving my Viper much. Saturday though got to run her at a high speed testing venue run by IMRA, and the old girl did me proud:

Standing mile: 171.30 mph

2.3 mile: 205.66 mph

2.3 mile: 199.19 mph (strong crosswind at 170 mph, caused a momentary throttle lift)

2.0 mile: 198.50 mph (1st run, didn’t power up until 2 mile mark)

Thanks to Larry Macedo, who tuned my bolt on 2001 GTS to 459 rwhp and 515 rwtq.

We had the oldest car and least horsepower, by a lot, but managed a faster top speed then some very expensive and exotic cars, torque and gearing rules. The Viper is truly the American Super Car.....
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