A&C Peformance offers Exceptional Service and Quality.


Jan 26, 2008
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Haverhill, MA
A&C Performance offers Exceptional Service and Quality.

It all started back in the spring of 2011. I had posted a question about what mods would be best for my car in regards to headers, rockers, tune and just in general while keeping my car N/A. Todd from A&C saw my post and sent me a private message. He was more then helpful, and willing to answer any questions I had(and I had many!). I ended up buying my headers, rockers, thermostat and SCT Tuner from him in 2011. I knew I wanted to do much more to my car and Todd suggested a new clutch, flywheel and removing the cats to run straight pipes along with some other things. After doing a lot of research on here Todd helped me along the way through email and phone to get exactly what I wanted. I was targeting 500rwhp while keeping my car N/A and he assured me it could be done. I eventually had my car shipped out to him. I live in MA, so my car was shipped completely across the country. Once my car was in Todd's hands I knew when I got it back it would be a completely different animal. While my car was in CA I had my heads rebuilt, and decided to do a mild port to add some more HP to the car hoping to reach that 500rwhp number while saving some money instead of doing a complete port job. My heads were shipped to Greg Good which I'm sure all of you know of.

After all of Todd and his staff's hard work, my car is indeed a different animal. When my car arrived it dynoed 457hp to the wheels. When the car was complete, it dynoed 515hp to the wheels. My car feels completely different now and I am so glad Todd originally reached out to me to discuss possible options for my car. His attention to detail is first class. Todd treats your car like it's his own and makes sure everything is done correctly and complete. I only wish Todd's shop was closer to me. Maybe someday Todd will open up another shop on the east coast! Preferably around the Boston area ;)

I cannot thank Todd and his staff enough for their patience and superior service they provided me throughout the entire process while my car was at his shop. A&C Performance is now my Go-To Vendor for life for anything with my Viper and perhaps anything for anyother car I end up buying in the future. I have listed all of the upgrades I have had done to my car while at Todd's Shop below.

- Greg Good Mild Ported Heads
- Upgraded Springs, Retainers, Gen 3 Valves, New Guides, Seals
- 1.7 T&D Shaft Mount Rockers and new Pushrods
- American Racing Headers - Jet Hot Coated black for 2000 degrees
- Removing Cats, running Straight Pipes - Jet Hot Coated black for 2000 degrees
- Speed Tactics Viper Gills
- 172 Degree Thermostat
- SCT Tuner with 3 different performance programmed tunes
- Fidanza Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel
- Centerforce Clutch
- 3.55 Ratio Ring and Pinion Gearset
- MGW Gripper Shift Knob
- A&C Performance black custom breather system
- Engine has been Black-Powder-Coated
- Hood Vents have been Black-Powder-Coated
- New Intake and Air Box
- Power Steering Pulley
- Power Steering Bracket
- Wood House Poly Engine & Transmission Mounts
- AB's Quality Wires and Boot Covers
- New battery
- New Spark Plugs, fuel filter, all fluids changed(Oil Change, Coolant Change, etc.,)
- New Viper 1Way Alarm, Smart Start with GPS for iPhone5
- iForged Classic II Series 3 Piece Wheels rechromed (Fronts:19x11 / Rears 20x13)
- New Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (Fronts: 295/30R19 / Rears: 345/30R20)
- New 35w 5000k HIDs
- Custom Center Caps for Wheels
- Custom Sill Plates
- Custom Pedals
- Front Fascia Repainted and Restored
- Side Sills Repainted and Restored
- Other Exterior and Interior cosmetics including full detail and wax

A&C Performance Website is here: http://www.acperformance.net
**The website is currently under construction so the main page is the only visible page at the moment.

A&C Performance Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/ACPerformance.Shop
**Todd posts video updates of your car while it's at his shop. This is both good for the owners of their cars being worked on and also for others that might be looking to get ideas for their own cars.

Todd, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. My car is now everything I have always wanted it to be and it's all thanks to you and your staff at A&C Performance. I truly hope someday soon you consider opening up other shops, and you can start in Northern MA! :)

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Oct 9, 2006
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Murrieta CA

I appreciate all the comments very much, it's things like this that make everything worth it for me !! And your very welcome.


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