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Cruise Night~June 13, 2015~Saturday~Mayfield Village, OH

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by newredrt10, May 14, 2015.

  1. newredrt10

    newredrt10 Former VCA National President

    Aug 1, 2003
    Warren, OH
    Cruise Night~June 13, 2015~Saturday Night~Mayfield Village, OH

    All Viper Owners are welcome!!!

    Viper Parking Spaces are limited at Deacon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!!
    To reserve Viper Parking Space at Deacon CDJR.......
    please contact or text...Joe Furlan @ (216) 410-2496


    Cruise Night
    Mayfield Village, OH
    Saturday Night~June 13, 2015

    On Saturday Evening ~ June 13, 2015 ~ Mayfield Village, OH will be hosting their annual
    "Cruise Night"

    Mayfield Village closes down Wilson Mills Road from SOM Center Road to Beta Drive and turns it over to classic cars in celebration of “Cruise Night".

    Classic cars continuously cruise the length of Wilson Mills Road.

    Tables are set up outside local restaurants for "al fresco" dining and bands playing oldies are staged throughout the area.

    There are booths selling fresh-squeezed lemonade, ice cream, popcorn, etc.

    Its a great time for all!!!

    Great news!!!!

    Deacon Dodge Jeep Ram has set aside a reserved parking area for Vipers for this years "Cruise Night".

    Viper parking is limited!!

    If you are planning on attending and would like to park your Viper at Deacons Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, please call or text .........

    Joe Furlan


    Website link for more information.....

    https://www.mayfieldvillage.com/recreation/yearly-events ​

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