E85 Tune on TT GTS, thanks A&C!


Jun 13, 2002
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Chino Hills, ca
[dupe / delete] E85 Tune on TT GTS, thanks A&C!

I purchased an '01 TT GTS with a few mods, this one to be exact: http://forums.viperclub.org/threads/649652-1500hp-capable-car-for-59-900-for-sale?
verall the car was awesome, more power than anything I had experienced before. Coming from a mostly stock viper, there were some drive-ability issues. At full throttle above 4k it was a monster, it just tended to surge at light throttle, buck from idle; made it difficult to drive smoothly just putting around. I knew the fuel system could support E85, and have a station by my house and after talking with Todd decided to give it a try.

Just got the car back yesterday and am very happy. The highest numbers were ~1100 at the wheels at just 5200 rpm. Not only did we pickup ~200rhp (maybe more, torque was beyond the dyno's limits in 4th) it drives like a stock viper; no more surging or bucking. I can actually lift throttle in 1st & 2nd now, and it just levels off back to idle. We got a small list of gremlins worked out as well. Very happy with A&C, used them in the past for a new clutch & exhaust, would recommend them for any work needed, hope to have more toys in the future to bring there.

Really like they way they use their facebook page, posting videos of the work being done along with detailed explanation:
ice to see the progress of work being done.

Thanks again, looking forward to a great weekend of fun with the new setup!

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