Hit a bump and no speakers


Aug 1, 2023
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Calgary Alberta
Hey everyone.. I took my 04 srt10 into work today and on my drive home I ended up hitting a massive pothole on the highway (I was honestly worried about wrecking a tire/rim on my driver front tire). Anyways as soon as I hit the bump I lost my speakers. Adjusted volume and drove and nothing.. I tried restarting the car and still nothing. I have an aftermarket stereo but just pulled the dash and had a look (my thought was maybe the amp trigger wire came out or something). Everything seemed good there and the head unit functions as it should (but no sound from speakers). I checked fuses under the hood and didn't see anything.. I pulled the passenger seat previously and was looking at the amp does anyone know if the amp has a fuse on it?

I do hear a faint static from the speakers when I turn my key to the on position but it doesn't change at all when adjusting the volume on the head unit. I have the old stock hesd unit in storage somewhere and may throw it in this weekend to test that out but I'm pretty sure it's something else. I have been considering a stereo upgrade over the winter as well so maybe that will end up happening but I would like to make sure I know what happened (if it just killed the factory amp that's fine but i find it highly unlikely. I didn't get air or anything just a large pothole at about 115km/hr).

I'll dig into it some more this weekend if I have some time but figured I would ask here if anyone experienced anything similar previously as maybe I am looking at the wrong thing.

Thanks everyone