North/Central Florida, National Parts Depot meet and Cruise June 26, 2021


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Jan 20, 2003
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Lake Mary, Florida USA
Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing great and driving their Vipers. We have another meet set up, June 26th 10 AM in Ocala. Now we don't normally go back to the same city after a meet, but Peter Sessler has arranged a special deal for us to see the National Parts Depot (NPD) private collection of cars. Apparently hundreds of cars and not open to the public. I have also challenged Peter to come up with an even better and "faster" cruise through horse country. The last cruise he set up was one of the best cruises we have done in Florida, with speeds we won't talk about in public.

From Peter:
Planning a meetup in Ocala on Saturday June 26th.
Here's the plan...

Meet in Ocala around 10am at National Parts Depot.
Depart for a great cruise through horse country- lots of hills and turns.
Come back into town for lunch.
After lunch, I have arranged access for us at the incredible NPD collection. Literally hundreds of amazing collector cars, a huge collection of model cars, and the largest collection of Kodak cameras and photography equipment in the world (among other cool stuff). The collection is off limits to the public, fortunately "I know a guy"

Also, don't worry we will not be going back to the Drive In again, for those of you that braved it, you know what I am talking about. Our next meet up will be in another location for sure.

Please send me your RSVP and head count so that we can plan out the lunch venue.

Best Regards,

John Canal

President, VCA North and Central Florida

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[email protected]


May 4, 2020
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N Cent Fl
I'm just north of Ocala in Gainesville and would love to attend ... BUT ... I'm still working on purchasing a Viper! Have fun!