Original owner selling '05 bone stock, 14k miles, ready to let go

Viper rolls

Oct 11, 2005
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It never made it to the track and I never abused it but I did get chances to drive it like it was intended at times. My plan is to reduce overcrowding in my garage, selling a handful of cars.

Once new Viper comes out, buy one for track use. If Dodge ends up NOT bringing the Viper back again, I'll buy a used one set up for track use or take the time and money to build one right.

This Viper had 4 miles on it when I took delivery in November '04.

Price: $39,999 (Includes the following)
- '05 Red/Black
- 13.8k miles (less than 1k per year)
- Bone stock, no mods or upgrades other than skip shift harness
- Full gas tank & recent oil/filter & coolant change
- No accidents ever
- Indoor car cover - not for outdoor use and the car has NEVER been stored outside
- Battery Tender (- with a dongle which can't be seen that connects to power cord)
- Various marketing materials & models from Dodge Marketing
- Free delivery in my enclosed trailer up to 75 miles (additional miles may be possible/negotiated)
- I'll help arrange transportation via introductions and buyer hires/pays transport
- Check my Viper out on my 4 post lift (for the serious buyer only) and look at it yourself.

Free & clear title in my name, ready to go to new owner. I have excellent references from individuals who purchased cars from me, honesty and easy transactions are required.

Terms as follows:
> Cash
> Cleared cashiers check,
> Wired payment (confirmed & cleared)
> No terms, no partial payments, no problems, no dual buyers, no out of country buyers, no promises, no trades, no stories, no help needed selling, no assistance needed, principals only
> All payments must clear bank & be verified by my bank contacts BEFORE car is delivered or picked up

I do all my own maintenance in my shop. With this car, however, there's nothing that's gone wrong, totally amazing.

Skip Shift Harness Installed:
Installation of the the skip shift harness alleviated the factory issue where you couldn't shift from 1st to 2nd or 3rd under a certain speed or throttle position, forcing the driver to shift from 1st to 4th gear unless you were over a certain speed or at/near WOT.

Except for new batteries, the only thing that ever broke was the audio player where someone jammed in an extra CD in the slot and I've got a small curb rash on right rear wheel from someone other than me while I was in it the car telling them to watch the curb.

I'm fixing both and I want it to be a great car and a great transaction for the new owner. I've got great references from the buyers of the cars I sell from my collection and for the occasional car I sell for close friends. Those people are available to talk to for a serious buyer, they will tell you they had a very positive experience and everything was either as described or even better. I'm not a car flipper and take care of people like the way I want to be treated. I've turned down sales when someone wasn't who they said they were or otherwise was not respectful.

This car is in excellent condition, it runs, drives stops and looks great.

For those who've never owned a Viper, get ready for people to stop you everywhere to ask you about it, to tell you about theirs, one a friend has or a family member has. Red convertible on top of it attracts lots of women, trust me, it happens all the time. This can be good or bad, you just have to be willing to deal with all the attention it brings.

For current or former Viper owners, this is a special car for sure. I've not driven generations before or after, which is surprising as I write this. What I can tell you is the car is a cross between super reliable, comfortable (for me) with pedals that move back and forth, AC is ice cold, clutch is Honda light (ok, I've not driven a Honda in many years - but as light as my GT500 which is a twin-clutch plate) or super light, steering is very precise and does tramline a bit on grooved streets and takes some getting used to.

Brakes are the best in any of my cars, so strong you will be surprised. The shifter is also precise but goes into correct gear 98% of the time with no issues, although I've done a 2 to 5 shift instead of a 2 to 3 shift a few times when my hand moved really quickly. Top down is amazing - besides the obvious wind etc, there's a great sound out of the side pipes.

I've got all the original paperwork, lots of items that Dodge mailed to new owners, magazines featuring the car and some cool Dodge marketing material. All of that will go to the new owner. I hope I can find someone who really loves Vipers, who will really take care of it as well or better than I have.

Call or email me with questions, the car is in MD, just over DC line.


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Jul 5, 2018
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Baltimore MD
Morning! Just wondering if this Viper is still available for sale? If so, could you provide your email so I can follow up to receive more info/pics? Thanks!

Serb Venom

Dec 15, 2018
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Ventura County, California
Few comments about the post- FIRST (funny) I live in Southern California between Malibu and Santa Barbara and I have same Viper and I laughed when I read your post about being a women magnet hihhiihihi, maybe in MD but not here, no one cares about that stuff here, it doesn't matter to us if its a Lambo, Ferrari or Viper, maybe if I go on a Sunset strip in Hollywood but there are mostly hookers and ****** like Kardashians hang around there , I want a smart women with brains. Before they see the Viper they have to through a process - first a 99 Chevy truck , then a very nice 84 Vette and then Viper, so far few made it to the Corvette stage hahahha, maybe I should move to MD but its too cold hahahaha. I spend a lots of time in DC area on numerous business trips from days to weeks to months > I have a saying - if you a single and live in DC there is something wrong with you hahahah.
SECOND POINT (serious) - installed a new clutch and you are right about being a Honda clutch as I learned to drive a stick on a Honda and its like cream puff, soft smooth and easy.
THIRD_ the car is a very nice ride to have and I enjoy driving it along the coast here is So Cal
FORTH-Now lets get back to DC night life in Georgetown and Adams Morgan area, lol.