SSR Comp-H Wheels and Tires off of 2002 Dodge Viper GTS (Gen2 Track Wheels)


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May 10, 2001
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These were used sparingly as street wheels and never tracked.

I am the original owner of these wheels, purchased new from Jon B. at PartsRack in 2006.

This AD is **ONLY** for the set of graphite colored SSR Comp-H tires/wheels in the photo.

Wheel Details - Quantity, Size & Date Codes
  • 2 Front Wheels - 18x11 with 285/35/ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport tires with 2005 date codes
  • 2 Rear Wheels - 18x13 with 335/30/ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport tires with 2005 date codes
The wheels were never used on the track and were on for ~10k miles of sunny day use.

Given the date codes of the tires, they are only good for YouTube burnout videos but that wheels are believed to be straight/true, they have not been repaired or subjected to blowouts or potholes or other abuse.

See pictures for conditions of the wheels with noted curb rash.

The face of 1 wheel is 100% free from rash, 2 of the wheels have minor marks (see photos highlighting) and 1 has rash around the entire wheel.

These curb rashes were all from a difficult parking garage at my old office in Chicago, not resulting from potholes or other "off roading" adventures.

To reiterate, these came off of my 2002 Dodge Viper GTS which is a "Gen2" Viper and should fit on any Gen2 Viper GTS or RT/10 - 1996 through 2002 Vipers.

These tires/wheels will fit any other factory "Gen2" Viper - HOWEVER - I have no clue if these fit your car or custom application, you will need to do Internet research yourself.

Any inquires of "will these fit my 19xx ***.." will be politely ignored.

See my other ad, I have a set of Factory Gen2 GTS Viper wheels for sale as well.

This ad includes only the SSR wheels and tires, DOES NOT include the factory set of Gen2 wheels also pictured.

Local pickup in NYC and Philly Metro - these are being advertised locally and may sale, only for local pickup, no shipping.

Sold as-is, no warranty expressed or implied, come get them!

$2500 OBO


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