Thanks again Todd Abrams

Paul Hawker

Oct 1, 2000
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San Diego, Calif, USA
Todd installed a set of the new MCS shocks on my O9, replacing the KW Variant II's.

Now that I have more miles on it, I decided it was just a bit soft for me. Todd had me bring it in, and put it on the lift.

He originally set it at 8 clicks front, and 12 rear.

Two turns on the height, and two clicks firmer on the rear, and I am back on the road for a test.

They now feel perfect for me. Smooth, well controlled ride, that planted feel, and no harshness.

Todd took the time to hear my original impressions, and asked me some questions about what improvements I was looking for...and he got it **** on.

While A&C has developed a great reputation producing reliable +1,000 HP cars, it was rewarding to see the improvements he could make on a relatively stock Viper.

Thanks Todd.