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  1. BorderJustice

    BorderJustice Enthusiast

    Mar 19, 2019
    Hereford, AZ
    Okay, I have a Gen IV 2009 Viper and have owned it about 3 years now. I'm a former old school muscle car guy, but always wanted a sportscar and what could be better than a viper! I started auto-cross this year and took it to a couple other events and got me hooked again. I want to play with performance, but admit that I'm a novice. All my muscle cars were from the 60's and super easy to mod. The viper is a little more intimidating with a PCM and all. I've added a K&M cold air intake, but that's about it. Fresh tires are in my future and I'm thinking of some OZ lighter weight wheels. I was thinking of a Belanger header to pipes system, but still researching and asking people how they like theirs. What are some easy next steps to gain some horsepower or handling. Trying to stay under $10,000 this year. Suggestions?

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