Viper "Stryker" Logo Sign from CAAP


Oct 1, 2023
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Metro Detroit
Hello. I'm reaching out to ask the experts here, so please bear with me.

When Viper production ended at CAAP, FCA held an internal auction of items they were getting rid of with the proceeds of the auction going to benefit charity (United Way). There were several different types of ephemera that were being offered at the time...prints, small die cast pieces (if I remember correctly), and the like. One of the items was a large (4'x4'x4" thick) Viper logo ("Stryker") in red and white that was in the plant "somewhere". The actual material is Styrofoam that was shaped/milled to a large 3 dimensional logo. I ended up with the winning bid and picked up the piece directly from CAAP after the auction. I've looked over several members' plant tour photos to see if I could spot where it was located in the plant but have been unsuccessful thus far. I'm thinking that this piece may have been in the front offices/reception area but I can't find any photos of those areas. Does anyone have any pictures that may have captured this logo at CAAP by chance? Thank you for any information you can provide and have a GREAT day!


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