Viper Technical Service Bulletin Information - 2003

Technical Service Bulletins for 2003 Dodge Vipers

C27SEP 03Recall - Fuel Pump Wiring
C33NOV 03Recall - Reprogram BCM Vehicle Lighting
23-014-06MAR 06Wipers/Washers - Wipers Smear or Streak Winshield
22-001-05DEC 05Wheels - Caring for Chrome Wheels
18-037-05OCT 05Engine Controls - Flash Programming Failure Recovery
18-029-05JUN 05Engine Controls - Co-Pilot Support & Correct Cable Usage
08-024-05MAY 05Electrical - Radio Equipment Installation Recommendation
23-025-05APR 05Body - Trunk Lid Hard to Close
23-017-05MAR 05Body - Convertible Top Tonneau Cover Damage
08-027-04JUL 04Safety Systems - Inadvertent Damage/Disabling
23-030-03DEC 03Body - Convertible Top Contacts Door
23-027-03NOV 03Interior - Rattles From Instrument Panel Area
18-035-03OCT 03Engine Controls - Hesitation/Low Power on Tip-In
08-028-03SEP 03Audio System - 'CD ERR' Message Displayed
19-005-03AUG 03Steering - Power Steering Fluid Usage
18-024-03JUN 03Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's Set/Poor Idle Quality
24-003-03MAY 03A/C - System Sealer Usage Prohibition
08-008-03APR 03Audio System - CD Changer Operation/Features
23-007-03MAR 03Interior - Console Lid Hard to Latch/Unlatch
24-009-02OCT 02A/C - System Leak Detection