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ACR steve
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Aug 10, 2015
Nov 17, 2004
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ACR steve

Enthusiast, from NY,Rockland

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Aug 10, 2015
    1. Andrew2KRT10
      Hey Steve,
      I am embarrassed to say that I didn't realize until today what exactly the Starlight foundation was. I got a Pamphlet in mail today and it seems the children are all or at least mostly special needs kids who are right up my alley regarding Assitive orthoses that they might require. I have an idea to run an event at my office, for the children of the Starlight foundation, and obviously involving the Viper club. I wish I could have made that last meeting but was out of town.
      What do you suggest? Should we get together with Tony on this? Should I get in touch with somone from Starlight? Should you introduce me to someone ?
      PS, probably best to just email me from here on as i don't get oon the board all that much. [email protected]
    2. Just A Dream
      Just A Dream
      No problem,just let me know where I need to go in the formum
    3. ACR steve
      ACR steve
      Apex performance 866 505 2739 ask for Linda or Clark let them know you are my buddy go with Schroth and tell them you want the ones I have They are the best especially with a Hans
    4. PrimeTime
      Hello Steve,

      Looking to get a set of 5 or 6-point racing belts for my ACR. Do you have a recommendation as to a brand and model? Can you still use your 3-point when driving around town?

    5. angleiron

      Plumcrazy suggested that I get in touch with you. I was in an accident with my car today...I had an option to t-bone an elderly driver who pulled out in front of me or avoid the accident by going off the sidde of the road...which I did but ended up sliding on the grass and ended up hitting a telephone pole head on at about 35mph.

      I can send you some pics if I had your regular e-mail address if you wanted to see what happened. I have my insurance through Grundy, at an agreed value for the car. Since this just happened about 6 hours ago, it is too early to tell about the outcome of the car.

      It is a 2001 RT/10 with only 8600 miles, and since this happened I just don't think that the ownership experience will be the same...as well as the resale is pretty much shot because of this. What things should I be aware of since this happpened? How does deminished value play into this?

      My car was pristine, never seen rain, not a scratch...and now this. I have never dealt with something like this regarding a car like this...and I can sure use some help!

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