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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    Funny I guess the top race engineers have it all wrong and the pro drivers that can drive faster and not worry about a clutch or taking their hands of the wheel have it wrong as well. If you don’t get that saving tiny segments of time adds up at the end of a lap you just don’t get racing...
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    Love to see you drive a 7 speed manual box and say that you can shift faster than a PDK. That's the whole idea with PDK you can have more gears and not be penalized by the increase in number of shifts. Its documented no human can shift as fast, there is no argument on this. You keep talking...
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    I hope people don't believe your logic. Totally not correct. There are so many other factors between a 996 and a first gen 997 Cup Car. Not to mention the PDK is a totally different animal. Unfortunately you lack real experience. By the way on an upshift it wouldn’t be about as you say...
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    Bluestreak- very incorrect info my friend. You can argue that it takes away from the experience. But you cant argue the latest generation of PDK or systems like it doesn't save time on a road course. Truth is you cant make a better shift then the new 991 PDK type trans. Even if a driver was...
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    Ralph wants/needs an automatic

    New GT3 has an amazing PDK trust me its only a matter of time. They are stronger,do everything better and faster
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    Bluestreak- that may have been the first gen but now the new PDK is insane. I race the last Porsche Cup car with a h- pattern 2005 Cup. The new 991 Cups transmission is amazing. Faster and stronger than any the past. Transmission technology has come a very long way in the last couple years.
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    PDK Is faster then manual any day of the week. If you ever race a PDK on the track you would never want to go back to manual.
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    ViperJon- I am good but not that good. If I had that answer then I would buy lotto tickets :) I will say Paddles are faster but they cost more. Up in the air on that one . With the new GT3 Porsche only aval in PDK I will tell you in 5 years no one will have an h-pattern car.
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    Ok you guys heard It first here ACRSteve's prediction when tested the future ACR will break the 7:00 barrier at the Ring Why? 1) Ralph will make sure it does- I have 100% confidence in him- He gets all this stuff better then we do ,hes a car guy 110% 2) New car is as fast without aero- we know...
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    1 of 1 2013 Viper - Someone needs to buy this!!

    If owning the Ring record did not qualify your car being a super car I am not sure what would . You have the fastest production car around a race track ever built up until this year and its not a super car???? If you paid $500,000 I bet you would be calling it a Super Car
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    ViperJon- I normally agree but In this case the Ring record was the best thing that ever happened to the Viper. Just look at the ACR pricing now. They would never be still worth 85-90,000 If they didn't break the record. Dodge could not afford to pay for all the free advertising it received from...
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    Told ya...

    Funny why people equate Hp to speed . Speed is the end result to a total package. (Hp, weight, braking ,handling etc.) Most of the guys that want 700 or 800+ Hp cars can’t even drive the cars they have now 10/10's or even 9/10's but the want to brag to their friends that there car has more Hp...
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    White SRT-10 with my new C7 Z51 White

    Only problem is GM will destroy the car by building 50,000
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    ACR Cup Tires, Do you Suggest Them?

    I love my Cups but it is tricky on the street. For me that's what I love about the driving sensation. 2 hands on and you better be concentrating