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    Gen 4 hood on a 2006 Coupe

    I have gen1 vipair gen4 hood on my '05. Bought it like that. Fit and qualty is just ok. I think the autofoam hoods and other body parts are the ones with the best fit that you can get right now. I've been looking at them as well to replace the one on mine vs having it fixed and repainted. I...
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    OBD monitoring app?

    So I just installed(finished today) a Pioneer 7600nex in my '17 ram.It currently reads some things by default by using the idatalink maestro. however I have a obdlinkmx that I also use with the torqe app and the obdlink app. They both are on android. That was something I was going to test as...
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    Louisiana viper clubs??

    Taking delivery of my first one a 2004 Commemorative edition hopefully wednesday. you know just because it will be raining all week. Don't know a whole lot on them but been doing a lot of reading. I'm in the livingston/EBR areas. Don't see too many vipers in the area just wondering how many are...