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    Speakers Fried

    Omg this forum is run by a bunch of ********..I posted a link to a thread from the other site and they deleted it.. The link was very helpful and full of information for the OP to utilize, and they delete it over some behind the scenes feud..Which proves they dont give a **** about their...
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    Speakers Fried

    I tried a good set of door speakers with the factory Head unit and amp..Still sounded like ****...Pulled the amp and used a good Sony head unit and still needed more...Wound up doing an entire set up Head unit, Amp,components, and sub..Was a big task.. Ill see if i can dig up the thread. I...
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    Funny noise

    I get a funny noise only when sharp turning at low speeds while partly releasing the clutch, like you would in a parking lot or making a K turn. Its not a grinding, more like a rubbing or dull squeak almost like a bad power steering pump but not as loud or high pitched.. It goes away if I fully...
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    Viper Parts Rack

    I didnt get no doodads when I ordered my tires :-(
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    Speaker upgrades

    I tried just replacing speakers ot improve the sound and wound up with this solution.. New head unit New 5 channel amp JL audio 6.5" components JL audio 6.5" sub with 3/4 spacer ring in stock sub location JL audio 8" footwell sub (coming soon) There really is no easy way to make the...
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    GREAT headunit for the RT10

    Took the little plastic side cowls off, pulled the grommet covering the wiring to the door off at both ends and with a little WD40 to **** it up, I fed the wire through that which was the hardest part. You have to drop the panels under the dash on both sides but thats simple. Then just run the...
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    GREAT headunit for the RT10

    The JL C2-650 and yes I ran all new Speaker wires amd removed the stock amp.
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    GREAT headunit for the RT10

    I just purchased the following head unit from Amazon to replace my crappy stock one. The Sony MEXGS810BH I opted for the unit due to the Blue tooth capabilities and the power output of 40wx4 RMS...
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    P420 code

    Really bad, cause its not
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    P420 code

    I keep getting the P420 code for the cats. I do have the SCT tune by Roe racing and did confirm with Sean that my rear 02's were turned off, and even removed the tune and reinstalled it like he recommended. It stays off for a few weeks and then comes on out of no where.. Anyone have any...
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    RSI street series turbo kit. Anyone have it on their car?

    Take the money you would have sent to RSI and go to Vegas and put it all on 13 black. You have a better chance of getting g something out of it..
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    Headers and Exhaust. Worth it???

    Interesting, my dyno numbers were 439/490 **** stock..Wondering what I would see with the exhaust mods. Since then I have done K&N air filters, smooth tubes and cat deletes and SCT tuner with a cookie cutter tune. Wonder what I would see now?
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    Roll Racing Videos from the July 10th, Pocono Slipstream RO2RO event

    I was supposed to go and spectate, but something came up last minute.. :-(
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    Headers and Exhaust. Worth it???

    I was looking at Borla. They make a 4 muffler and 2 muffler system.