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    value of 2006 modified crystal slate gray srt ( only 102 Verts made in this color)

    Re: value of 2006 modified crystal slate gray srt ( only 102 Verts made in this colo Used viper buyers, for the most part, are looking for a stock machine with the least number of miles they can find. Many feel that a modified viper, for more HP, may have been slightly abused, more or less...
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    This is why you don't let friends drive your viper!

    My question would be, "Why are you running it through your insurance?" Your "friend" should run it through his insurance. Then he can pay any deductibles, insurance increases, etc. Why should you have to pay anything? The only people I have even offered to let drive my Viper is my wife and...
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    Rec'd the battery cover with battery tender connection in the mail yesterday. (11/16) Installed it on my Viper on Tuesday, (11/17) and it's a wonderful piece. The install went very easy and the battery tender connector is a great addition to the package. Since I never drive my car in the...
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    Just returned from Seattle a couple days ago. Just checked and I see the battery covers w/battery tender connection are back in stock. Ordered a few minutes ago. Thanks Doug.
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    Winter time: How do you park your viper?

    This is from the 2010 service manual CD: (I have copied and pasted all the sections) For short term storage, refer to owners manual. On a vehicle that is to be stored for 90 days or longer the following procedures are recommended to minimize environmental effects on mechanical components...
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    First Oil Change in 2014

    It's probably possible to change your engine oil to often, but from my experience, high performance engines like fresh oil and new filters.
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    I'm ready. Are you still planning to do a "group buy"? Finally got the heat shield installed with the Dynamat insulation inside and out on both shields. It's a nice piece. I'll be watching this forum and your website for the battery cover.
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    Thanks Doug, that time frame is not a problem at all. I'll be keeping my finger crossed, (toes too) that it works out and "happens". Best of luck and I'll keep watching for info. Just rec'd the Dynamat today and planning to do the heat shield install tomorrow.
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    You welcome Doug. Any estimate when you might have the battery covers back in stock? Not looking for a "cast in stone" date, just something like within a month or two. Also I would want the battery tender connector along with the cover. Or do I just need to continue monitering this thread...
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    Not a problem Ca viper, Doug had mentioned that he only had one battery cover left but plenty of heat shields, but I wanted the heat shield first. I got the heat shield but haven't installed it yet, waiting for the Dynamat from Amazon because I don't want to have to do the job twice.
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    Your welcome. the heat sheild arrived in two days, that excellent service. Now I'm just waiting for the 1/8th inch Dynamat to arrive from Amazon. Yes I noticed the battery cover showed "Sold Out" on your website. That's ok because I was going to order that a little later anyway. A group...
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    Mopar Viper vs. SRT Oil Filters

    That probably depends on whether the 3 microns are nominal or absolute and the 5 or 10 microns are nominal or absolute. (I read the article in the link to the "micron ratings" in the above post) In the meantime I think I'll just use the "SRT" filter, (for my 2010 coupe) and hope they designed a...
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    Ordered the heat shield early this morning. Also oredered the 1/8th inch Dynamat from Amazon. About $46 w/free shipping. The battery cover with battery tender connector is going to be next. The heat shield promises to be a great addition to my new toy!
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    DSE (Doug Shelby Engineering) Question

    I recently aquired a 2010 Viper coupe. I'm considering a couple add-ons from DSE. 1. Airbox Intake Heat Shield 2. Quick Release Battery Cover with Battery Tender Connector You can veiw these items here: Does anyone have any opinions, pro or...
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    Skip shift issue on 2009 and 2010 Viper possible solution!!

    Well, since I rec'd no replies, I went ahead and ordered the solinoid and it came in the mail today. Now I just have to find the time and place to install it. I do have another quick question, unrelated to the "skip-shift" question. How diificult is it to put some 3.55 gears in my '10 Viper...

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