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    Seeking 1994 to 1998 Dodge Viper RT10

    You will either get a beat up viper for $35K on none at all. Prices have jumped as they were underpriced for years.
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    Hesitation at wide open throttle

    When there is no gas in the tank they all seem to hesitate.
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    Kickin' COVID Viper Style!

    Beautiful car.
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    Searching for a hardtop/windows setup

    What Gen is yours. they vary for each Gen
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    Searching for a hardtop/windows setup

    Like I said You can buy mine or go to autoform. They are out of Michigan and are a terrific group. I think they charge over $4,000 for it. It has a slide window like a vent but only slides back and forth. It has a lock on it. My 93 is also a non air car. I bought some extra padding that stops...
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    Searching for a hardtop/windows setup

    I have a top and windows. I love it. Will think about selling it separately so I can bring the price of my car down for sale. Paid over $4,000 for top and windows. Remember their is always a viper tax, anyway I had to pay it. Mine is a 93.
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    Best Gen1 Top-Window Combination?

    Thanks for the information.
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    Best Gen1 Top-Window Combination?

    Thanks, I always wondered if all that came with the car or the previous owner bought it. I have all those accessories. I think the hardtop was an aftermarket. The short one. So why would they have an OEM if they didn't make it?
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    Best Gen1 Top-Window Combination?

    I several different protective cases and a seat cover and valance over the passenger side. 1. Back Window 2. Front Bra with logo 3. Driver seat cover (protects from rain) 4. Passenger top so you can drive as convertible. (3. & 4.) 5 Two carry cases for the windows 6. Spare tire cover with logo...
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    Best Gen1 Top-Window Combination?

    I need to send the other photos. Site only takes 4. The window has a small front vent type like in old classic cars with a lock. Got caught in a heavy rain storm and they didn't leak.
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    Best Gen1 Top-Window Combination?

    I had a autoform put on my car and I love it. I also have a top that came with the car. It is really nice but I like the look of the fast back. So with the canvas top, the cap top, convertible, and the one in photo the car has 4 different looks. I was thinking on selling my car as we are moving...
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    Arrow Racing, Prefix, Ipsco and Roe Racing Web Sites and Notes

    That's right Fred!!! A lot of viper owners drive their cars occasionally so people don't get a chance to see many of them. I've had people pull me over to get a chance to look at my Gen 1. One lady had no idea what it was and wanted to know. I like having a car that is special and rare. I feel...
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    Windshield Wipers Sword-fight

    Another fix is to not drive in the rain.
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    Looking GEN 1

    I have all the original parts in great condition and more. Can be made back to original. Have original rims and 2000 rims 18" front 19 back milage around 21,000. Every Spring new oil change. Great condition. Climate controlled garaged. Two aftermarket tops. Other items not usually found. Bra...
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    The "mileage question"

    The thing is that the car can be pretty steady but you never know about the road conditions, temperature, and other factors that can have a big effect on drive to the extreme. When I first got the car my friend and I went to the 1/8th mile track. I lost control of the car when I shifted it into...