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    Sounds sweet but I am a little partial to yellow;). Bring a trailer would be best route it will bring max dough there. Now I’d you’re interested in trading it for a 2002 NSx or 2022 a91 Supra I might be a player for it.
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    Rattlers on a 2005 VCA

    My mistake they’re actually rattlers not sidewinders. They didn’t come on it originally as I stated I just added them and new tires to the VCA. They can with the same wheels as other 05’s except they were a smoked polish instead of bright polished. Here’s how it was before the new wheels. I...
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    Rattlers on a 2005 VCA

    Finally got her completely cleaned and detailed top to bottom including the suspension. Put some brand new Rattlers on with new Michelin PS 4’s 295/30/18 and 355/30/19. These pictures are shortly after install so she still hasn’t settled back down height wise fully. Way better than the original...
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    Recommended Tires

    Two generations newer tire technology and they’re date coded 2022. Also great in the rain which is important here.
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    New VCA Edition SRT-10 Coupe Owners Registry

    I just bought #11 it now resides in Boca Raton Florida.
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    02 RT/10 Best Sales Sites

    I watch bAT close and the Viper prices are really skyrocketing on there. I was at Barret Jackson Palm Beach last week and the 4 vipers there went lower than similar on BAT. I agree it never hurts to our everywhere and you can always do a reserve on BAT.
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    Recommended Tires

    I just bought a set of Michelin pilot s4 2953018 and 3553019 plus some brand new never mounted sidewinders. I’ve used these tires for 10,000 miles in South Florida on my 21’ Supra and they’re absolutely the best all around performance tire I’ve ever had.

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