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    GEN 1 2 Custom Fit Cover

    $375 including shipping.
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    FS NEW OEM Floor Mats GEN 1 & 2

    New OEM Mopar in original box GEN 1 & GEN 2 floor mats. Never installed. Perfect new condition. $250 includes shipping in the Continental US only.
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    GEN 1 2 Custom Fit Cover

    Cover Craft Dustop custom fit indoor only cover. Great fit with a soft inner layer. Like new No tears or holes only a little soiling on the inside where it contacts the tires. $150 including shipping within the continental US only.
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    Looking for an inner door stanchion

    My passenger side inner stanchion cover has a crack at one of the ***** holes. Being somewhat **** I wanted to replace it. To my surprise I found a supplier on ebay. (x2 builders) who appeared to be re producing them from the original Mopar molds. As the picture on the listing clearly shows the...
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    Gen 1 Headlight Switch Issue

    My 95 with 8,500 miles is rarely driven that I have need for the headlights and the headlight switch has not been used in close to a year. Last night I had no headlights, or tail lights but the brake lights worked. I moved the headlight switch in and out numerous times and finally got them to...
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    Needed- Rear Bumper Bolt

    Needing a rear bumper cover bolt. One of the 12 along the bottom edge. It is a M6 SEMS bolt. It is long since not available from any dealer. And there is no after market equivalent as it is a coarse thread and not the typical M6 1.0 fine thread. One Viper parts vender has them for $23 for ONE...
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    Pantera vs Viper Driving Experience

    I have owned 2, 1972 Pre- L Panteras. The last one I owned for 25 years and sold several years ago. I love these cars. The styling is timeless, the mid-engine and low center of gravity make for great handling. And performance even in stock configuration is very good, and being a Ford 351...
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    Looking for viper GTS

    Wow Slug exactly what I’m looking for. And a fair price. But unfortunately it would likely cost $3K to get shipped to Atlanta☹️
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    1993 Gen 1 good news.

    There is also a 5% Buyers fee on top of the high bid. The car’s condition is good, not excellent. The flocked dash is horrible. With the hard top included it is about right in today’s market. Last year when I bought mine this car would have been about $ 27K. So I think the market is definitely...
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    Viper Red Paint

    Robert, Thank you for the great information. That helps me better understand why the color looked perfect on the touch up paint applicator but dried so much darker. The paint I had made is a perfect match. And was mixed as a base coat with a separate clear coat application.
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    1993 Gen 1 good news.

    DJ If that was true I will sell mine for 1mil.LOL Anyway you can always ask whatever you want when selling anything. But it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Good luck with your sale and hopefully you get what you are asking for it as it would help the values of all of our...
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    Intro and Parking Brake Assembly

    Sorry to the original poster and don’t mean to hijack his thread. But I’ve had the same issue without realizing it as Alex. Five minute fix. With most of that re shaping the thin metal boot cover to fit back securely. FYI when removing the boot cover push in from the sides, not the top or bottom...
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    Viper Red Paint

    Hey DJ, Thanks for the reply and your pics. I heard also that there were changes in "Viper Red" paint suppliers to Chrysler over the years. Not just with their touch-up paint , but also during the original production of the cars. So getting a correct match of the Mopar touch up paint is...
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    Viper Red Paint

    Hello all, I am trying to do some touch up of a few small chips on my 95.The original paint code was LRN. Which per the Mopar color charts is now PRN. I ordered factory Mopar PRN touch up paint but it is noticeably darker than the red on the car. The car is all original paint always garaged and...
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    Switched Insurance

    Thankfully, I have not had to make any claims with my time with Infinity. So I can not speak to their handling of claims. However, my research at the time found them to be highly rated in all areas including claims. Just another FYI and I do not know if this applies to all insurance companies...

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