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GA- Viper

May 6, 2019
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In the first year with my 95 Gen 1 the one thing I have not liked is the OEM tall pistol grip shifter. I like the no longer made MGW Gripper. And apparently some old MGW stock sans the Viper logos is sold by a Viper vendor.

I did come across the factory OEM ACR shift **** which is a little taller than the Gripper. But is on national backorder and is not likely to ever be produced again. However, the OEM shift **** for the 2015 model is the same as the ACR. The only difference is the groove for the shift boot, which is higher closer to the base of the ****. And just FYI the threads of the OEM shift **** is the same for all generations. I really like the feel and lower position of this OEM shift ****. And it is really nice quality, with the stitched black leather matching the emergency brake handle.
Here is the part #Gearshift **** - Mopar (1ZV76DX9AA).
And a link to the dealer I bought it from.****-1zv76dx9aa

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