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    Toronto Gen Vs?

    I would check out Raceway Chrysler. I thought I had seen on our website that there was an event there to see the Gen V. Give Reg a call.
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    Viper Insurance Ontario Canada

    LOL, cause they know yellow vipers are only V8's
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    Viper Insurance Ontario Canada

    $1100 for the year, with theft and fire when it's off the road.
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    Connor Plant Tour

    Where are the pics?? I wanna see pics!!! Is that demanding enough?? LOL!!!
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    Baby Girl!!

    Congratulations!!! Hope there is an SUV or mini van in the driveway already!!!
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    Gen IV blue w/white stripes at Prime Outlets in Grove City Pa, Sunday approx. 1:30 pm. Looked like permit or dealer tag on it, no plates
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    Bra 3M Protection

    Garrett's contact did my car. I thought I had his card kicking around, but no can find!! Almost 3 yrs now, and no issues
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    Canadian Motor Speedway

    It's a go!!! Shovel to be put in the ground in the summer, to be ready for 2015.
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    Fleetwood Country Car Show London Ontario

    In 2011 we had 5 Vipers there. We had our own spot right by the amphibian pond. It's quite the event. Mostly older cars and trucks, but they welcome everyone.
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    This weekends events !!

    This weekend not good for me for both which *****.
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    Wild wing night this Thursday May 16 7PM

    My agency wouldn't let me attend without getting written permission 2 weeks previous to event, that's why you don't see my car.
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    Ontario Viper Club Rocks BIG Time ! What a Turnout !!

    Very nicely put Tommy!! And to think it's all volunteer!!
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    Canadian Motor Speedway

    Make sure you call me, I will join you!!!