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    Need Tires for my 2005 Silver Mamba. cannot find Rear tires anywhere in my search basicallt everywhere in U.S.? any ideas?

    I just replaced my tires with Toyo R888, front and back. Wasn't first choice but was what was available without six month wait for Michelins. From "Tireman", local tire shop in Lake Havasu City, AZ.
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    Need Rear Tires

    "The tire man" is a tire shop in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I believe it is a chain but not sure if it is in AZ. only or across the country. they tried to reset the sensors and dash but their programmer got a message that a Dodge dealer had to do it and the local dealer said they couldn't reset "a...
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    Need Rear Tires

    I couldn't find Michelins for my 2004 SRT (60 day wait) so I went with Toyo PROEX888 all around. 18s front and 19s back from "the tire man" I now have "low tire" message. The tire shop checked all tire pressure senders and the dash unit was good, and got a message on their readout (instead of a...
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    Pantera vs Viper Driving Experience

    I had a 72 pre-L for eight years. I had new rocker panels welded in (rusty) and upgrades on the cooling fans and controls.(fan motor bearings failed) Otherwise a fun tight car. moved to 94 Viper for eight years, then 2004 for the last sixteen years. Wife not hot on the idea of 2014 Viper so I...