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    replacing ac condenser?

    We put some dye in the system and it showed at the side of the condenser where the cooling fins meet the edge.
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    replacing ac condenser?

    My air conditioning started to give out and I have found I need to replace the condenser. Has anyone replaced this and if so, do you have any tips or things to watch for? Looking at it with my tech it seems like it might be able to lift out pretty easily but I thought I'd ask before we get...
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    OBD monitoring app?

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with apps that monitor the signal from an obd reader. I borrowed a bluetooth obd reader and installed an app called Torque Lite (seemed fitting) on my phone. It will display various readings/gauges like water temp, rpm, vehicle speed. It will also...
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    Exhaust on a 2003 SRT10

    Mine don't hate me, but my wife and kids can hear me coming... sometimes a couple streets away
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    Exhaust on a 2003 SRT10

    I put the full Belanger 3" system (headers, hf cats, cat-back) on my 2005 this summer. It eliminated the crossover section. The temperature is better in the cockpit and the sills are cooler now. There is some drone at low rpms, but this can be managed by changing the gear you're in. Under...
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    Aftermarket exhaust question

    Thanks for the feedback. Did you find a big difference in how loud it is? And, did you go for the 2.5 or 3"?
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    Aftermarket exhaust question

    Did you have to do anything to the car when you added the headers and cats? I just ordered the Belanger system and I believe it should just bolt on however I have also heard people say it would need a tune as well. Did yours just bolt on or did it get anything else done as well? Also, did you...
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    Aftermarket exhaust question

    Thanks for the info. Now that it has gotten a little warmer I'm finding myself much more interested in cooling down the exhaust.
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    Aftermarket exhaust question

    Thanks for the info!
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    Aftermarket exhaust question

    I'm looking for some feedback about exhaust options. I'm pretty happy with the exhaust sound on my 2005. It has a nice rumble and burbles and pops when decelerating. what I would like is a cooler temperature in the car. If the car sounds a bit louder that's a bonus. From experience, have...
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    New owner looking for tires

    I am very happy to say that I have just joined the ranks and picked up a 2005 Viper with only 5,000kms (I'm in Canada, that's only 3,100 miles). The car is in great shape, but the tires are original so I need to change them. I have tried my tire suppliers that I use for my business with no...
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    Help finding article

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find a link to an article about torque vs. horsepower? I came across it on this board quite a while ago and have since lost it on my computer. As I recall, there was a link to a discussion about torque using corvette (sorry, not viper) engines. If...
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    Fellow Viper owner needs help! $1000 reward for a Hemi car...

    I don't know how far your friend will travel, but there is a company located just outside of Toronto, Ontario called legendary motor car. They carry classics as well as do restoration work. Good luck.
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    The real original anyone?

    If you want great pictures of DC product, go to This is the site where journalists can go to get press releases and pictures for their stories. From the main page choose United States (english) and then choose Corporate photos. They have all sorts of pictures...
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    anyone know when vipers will be on speedvision?

    I remember seeing a while ago a post about some Vipers being featured on speedvision. The program was American Muscle Car, I believe, but I do not remember the time. If anyone knows, please post or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks

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