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mike & juli
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May 14, 2016
Sep 21, 2005
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Upstate NY
Self-Employed Contractor

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mike & juli

Enthusiast, from Upstate NY

mike & juli was last seen:
May 14, 2016
    1. viper k
      viper k
      hello mike & juli how u doin its ken & pam from PA !!
    2. sportsarguy44
      I too am from "Upstate New York". Didn't know anyone around here (Syracuse) had a Viper, except for me... 04 Black Mamba...just got it a month ago. Unreal car!!
    3. Rapps
      Hello from Michigan!
      Have a question for you. Do you still have the tinted headlights? How are they holding up? let me know and thanks! Ann
    4. 93VIPERBOY
      Just wanted to say hi

    5. RevHeat
      Thanks for the b-day wishes! Best to you and your family this 4th!
    6. Phun70
      Are you guys going to the last viper off the line event???? I'm trying to talk stretch, and mopar boy into going. Help me out.
    7. NHL2133
      Since I can't post in the NY thread... Happy Birthday Juli!
    8. 2001-V10 Power Nut
      2001-V10 Power Nut
      whats up JULI from GREG
    9. Brake Dust
      Brake Dust
      Juli! Where are you???? Check out the "This is scary" thread we just posted...
      See you,
    10. XTREMDRM
      I tryed to PM you but did not really know how.
      Not sure where this is going either.
      Email is [email protected]
    11. XTREMDRM
      do you know who BlueQuadcab is from Conn.
      He confirmed he is coming. What size shirt and what food choice.
      I need asap.
    12. eucharistos
      hey jules
      how are you these days
      hope all is well
    13. piper1112
      Hi Juli,
      Can you tell me how I can put a picture up under my name like so many people have.
      Thanks Kris
      ps I saw you were online that's why I asked....sorry to bother

    14. Chopper
      Hey Juli,thanks for the Happy B-Day back on 1-2-09.I've been off of the site for months.Thanks again ,Tom.
    15. vpr4track
      Hi Juli,
      vpr4track here. I entered my VIN w/ my other information, but I am still listed as "enthusiast." I thought it might be because I just don't have enough posts? I tend to do more reading than posting.
      If you go to track events, you may see me midMay at NJMP, Pocono on Memorial Day, MidOhio in July, and Watkins Glen sometime in September. Plenty of filler dates at Summit Point in betw.
    16. V10SpeedLuvr
      I was viewing the thread about the chatroom. Haven't been in chat at all today. Not sure what you mean. Noone can block people from the chatroom, so not sure why you can't get in at times, but its not b/c you're blocked by anyone in the chat. I've had the same problem you're reporting before. I think it finally fixed itself, can't remember for sure as its been a while since it happened.
    17. JeffTheViperMan

      Hi Juli!!

      I realized I haven't said hey in a while. Been a lot going on what with starting to look for work after this project ends in June, and some fun stuff at PennState that just concluded this past weekend. So I've been busy.

      I got my cruise control for the Viper which I hope to install this weekend, and I've been working with GreenViper - he's been filling me in on what I need to add ABS to the Gen 2 Coupe. I think if I could pull that off without spending TOOOOO much money, I'd REALLY start to enjoy the GTS a lot more without being so nervous!!!

      Now if I could just hurry up and get my garage, I think 2009 could shape up to be an awesome year!

      Hope all is well with you! Talk to you later.


    18. christopher
      looking foward to meeting you as well hopefully there will be some events up in this area or jersey we can particapate in
    19. Danny Balon
      Danny Balon
      Hey whats up Happy New Year!
    20. JeffTheViperMan
      Hi Juli!!!! I haven't bugged you in a while so I thought I'd say hey. I don't really post whore here like I do on the 'Cuda board, but I still stop in and see what's new. I really wanted to join VCA by now, but my wife's car just took $380 in repairs, and now mine needs about $450... (the Stratus, not the Viper.) The Viper needs the rear diff fluid flushed, and of course with Christmas shopping and such going WAAAAAAY over budget, it looks like VCA membership is just gonna have to wait. Oh well. I got my MGW shift knob, so I'm happy. :)

      Hope all is well! Talk to ya later.


      Jeff :)
    21. JeffTheViperMan
      Hey Juli,

      Well I'll tell you this much - I love making people laugh. So I'm glad I'm keeping you amuuuused. :)

      I'm heading home for the weekend - 5 hour drive ahead of me. I did it in the Viper last week and honestly, I don't wanna do it again. So I'm taking the Stratus this time - I can set the cruise and watch DVD's!

      Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon!!

    22. JeffTheViperMan
      Hey Juli!

      You either have a real laid-back job or you're a stay-at-home gal - you spend a LOT of time on this forum!

      I'll get you more beefcake pictures, but the one I WANT to take is going to have to wait - I have a big field across from my place in PA and I want to get all Three of my MOPARS out there in a car-and-drive'esque shot. Unfortunately with two of the cars in Ohio and one in PA, it's going to take a plane ticket or something to get them all in one place!

      Hey - can I only set an Avatar if I'm a VCA member? I'm just curious. Have a great day!

    23. JeffTheViperMan
      Thanks Juli!

      Unfortunately our weather is turning south quickly. I live in PA but am working over in Ohio. I have a small apartment but didn't want to be far away from the Viper, so I've secured safe (and insured!) storage here in Ohio until my contract ends in April. So I don't get to look at it as much as I would like! But I certainly know what you mean - everytime it enters my vision it just shocks me - like, "Wow!!! That's MINE!"

      Thanks for writing. I really hope the members here are friendly. The guys on Viper Alley forums don't seem to be too kind, and the guys on my 'Cuda club are absolute saints - I love 'em! I'm hoping I can fit in here, too.

    24. TAILWAG
      whoa...I didn't even know we had this page...cool. One of them is still trying to get finance...the other guy, fell through. The bank would not loan him a penny and he had a credit score of 690...crazy!
    25. 04vpr
      hi will be nice to see you guys again, its always a pleasure. bye ttyl
    26. viperv10
      hope you guys are doing well. I got my viper up on lift doing oil changes and brakes for the spring of year, I wish I new how to send you a pic of my little Kaitlin Grandchild
    27. vipzilla
      And Great Friends !!!!
    28. Mopar Boy
      Mopar Boy
      Now that I finally understand how to do this, glad to be freinds.

      Feels like kindergarden again: "I like you. Wanna be my freind?". :D

    29. WOT!
      Oh my god! I owe you an explanation. I just figured out this friends thing. I had no idea you had sent a request. For a computer guy, this is pretty sad. Please accept my apologies. I would never, ever ignore you Juli.
    30. WOT!
      Juli Juli Juli... We know what you've been up too. 6.21 post per day. You've been napping again haven't you.

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