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    I'm back and on the hunt for a GTS...

    Yayyyyy....miss your Emerald Green James and glad to see you are BOCK~!!! ("I'll Be Bock") Good luck in your search, my friend! ~juli
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    re: Destroying Vipers???

    Don't know if everyone saw THIS one: and Absolutely stunning and very disturbing/disappointing. Of course this should not be happening anywhere, and of course I signed publicly. Unreal. ~juli (I may be completely behind the ball...
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    Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!!!! :) (Wow, some things never change, hijacking threads....hmmmmmm ???! :nono: :smirk:) ;) ~juli
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    Hey's going :) thx! How about you? ~juli
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    :hatdude: Anytime Dude :flirt: ~juli
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    Wow, I am actually ''''''''''''''''''''''right'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' about something????? ;) (HI JOHN~!) ~juli
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    Hi Mark~If it's pictures in your gallery (as Mr.BIG asked :D), it's easy. Just click on the picture, look up to the right on the picture, it should say "photo options", click that, drop-down menu, choose 'edit photo', then you can delete them. I don't know if there's a way to delete ALL your...
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    Gilles said Gen5 will have paddle shift down the line, ANY IDEA/Guess when ??

    I would also hope that 'if' indeed the paddle shifting automatic is adopted in the Viper, it is NOT in any way copied from the Corvette's (of which I do have a 'paddle'-shifting Corvette/long story :drive:). The 'paddles' :rolleyes: need to be on the STEERING COLUMN and not the steering WHEEL...
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    RB1 Navigation

    Hey, check your private messages or your notifications....I finally caught up with ya! :) ~juli (I have no clue on the navigation, just saw where you were and this is only way to contact you so far!) (You could personally ask mjorgensen, viper wizard, viper specialty by private messages this...
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    Pics from VOI 12 Mopar Boy Style... 200+ better be on WIFI LOL

    Yayyyyy, I can post here! ;) Absolutely fantastic job Robert posting the pix and your comments as well. Can never get enough of pics of Vipers. AWE-some! :2tu: Looked like a blast :cool: ~juli
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    VOI high res pics for fellow Viper lovers

    AWEsome pictures, ***....exactly the pics I love to see: VIPERSSSSSSSS!!! THX girl! Glad you were able to come across and enjoy! ~juli
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    Looking for factory shifter handle

    I had to wait to show MY Mike that one, as it's the spittin' (heeheeeeee) image of him(his)! Absolutely hilarious, and loved you driving away like a huge chopper *handle*-bar. :) ;) ~juli
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    Throw up pics of your Personalized Viper License Plates

    Special thanks to xlrashn for letting me 'borrow' his plate's phrasing :) ~~~and yes, that was our VOIX Viper (where it mostly lived--in garage sadly), but no pix of the plate: 05 BEAST (didn't change from our original 2005 Black Vert). ~juli
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    Vette owners are not a friendly bunch...

    I would say that has to be (hopefully) a very isolated incident. VERY rude indeed. But no matter what car show you go to, you DO find those people, unfortunately. Why they are there? Arrogance probably. Kudos to you for just walking away. This is a person who is NOT typical of a Viper...
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    What about the cops?

    I well remember THAT year, Keith!!! You guys were frickin' late~~~~~~;) :rolaugh: :D We've gotten thumbs'up from the cops, got one speeding ticket (deserved), and pulled over in my Vette for no other reason but he could. (No law breaking was done, said 'failure to signal', which of...