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    Seat Lowering Kit -- Should I

    Thanks. I will shop around on that one. I did not consider that it might be an OEM part. The one that lowers 2" has the seat three "notches" closer to the steering wheel which it not enough room for my legs. But I appreciate the feedback.
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    Looking Where to Buy '04 Tail Light Assembly

    Driving around, it is not noticeable. However if I were to get pulled over, it would be very noticeable. Any one have a recommendation where to get parts: online or at a shop?
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    Hard Top for '04

    Hi, I have an '04 convertible. I am not a big fan of convertibles, but my buddy gave me a great deal on the Viper. How could I say no? I loathe the rag top. I am tall and when I hit a bump, I hit my head on the metal bar inside the top. Also, between the sides of the convertible and the small...
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    Seat Lowering Kit -- Should I

    Hi, I have an '04 convertible. I am 6'7" and pretty much look like Donkey Kong in Mario Kart if I sit up straight with the top down when I drive. I mostly drive with the top down. Even then I need to slouch in the seat to see properly. I have my seat up one notch so that I can recline it a mere...
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    Looking Where to Buy '04 Tail Light Assembly

    Hi, I am looking to replace my passenger side rear tali light assembly. I backed it up into the garage and cracked it just enough that I do not want to get pulled over for a busted tail light. I have seen it at moparfactoryparts and theviperstore. Are there any other sites or shops that would...
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    2005 dodge viper convertible "damaged" parting out

    Looking for rear passenger tail light assembly. PM, please.
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    Looking for Tires for 04

    Thank you.
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    Looking for Tires for 04

    That is what I have now and I would prefer to get the same. Do you think they will continue production of the sizes that I need?
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    Looking for Tires for 04

    Hi, I bought my 04 about a year ago. I need to replace the tires. I live in St. Louis, MO and am looking for a shop that would carry tires for my ‘04. When I look online, all I see are Continentals. This is my first car that needs Z rated tires. I want make certain I get what is best for my...

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