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    replacing t56 with tr6060

    what is needed to replace t56 with a tr6060 from a genv
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    A/C is warm on my 99.

    very common for the compressor seals to leak replace them with a little thicker seal
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    '98 Roe Viper. 1st time to the dragstrip with this car!

    that was very good.I ran 11.08 with a paxton with my 2001 RT10 stock headers and corsa still has stock axles but i used BF goodrich drag radials and i was kick out at english town raceway
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    Pass on your support for the Gen V and its team to Ralph Gilles

    Yes Bruce let them know that I appreciate the dedication and hard work by this team and I want them to continue improving the viper.My 2014 TA is my second viper and I love the improvements.My horn is very difficult to activate just like my srt 8 300C.
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    According to Ralph Gilles

    I am sure lots of us wanted to add more garage space onto the five we already has but change our mines for some reason and so what if Ralph thought of an automatic but it is not feasible so he changes his mine.If you want an automatic viper you will have to do the modification yourself.
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    Have G5 owners been fooled?

    I sure would buy a supercharger kit
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    Gen 5 owners: What has pleasantly surprised your about your car?

    I love my orange TA .I still have my gen 2 which i love how menacing it looks but boy this TA is such a drivers car it has improve in every aspect .It is a pleasure to wash and wax .The car drives perfectly turns quickly and accelerates in a more linear way than the previous vipers.In my opinion...
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    Shelby GT500 to Viper...

    dont go for any other viper but the gen v it is simply the best viper to date.The genv in comparison to the gen 1 &2 is night and day in handling driving.All the vipers are great looking cars especially the gen 1 & 2 however the gen v is just simply the best.
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    TA MY WAY!!!

    congrats ,the ta orange is a beautiful car and it is a joy to drive.
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    Just had my TA delivered!

    Beautiful,sorry you could not make it at captree today.I had my ta out at captree and it was beautiful today.Enjoy it and have fun .
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    AMAZING PRICES on new Gen V

    who buys a viper and wonder about the resale should buy something else like another house or buy some stocks
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    Stryker Red / other options

    Get into a TA the difference you will love.It is everything in one package.the gen v is absolutely a great car
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    Formerly Ringgold CDJR SRT is now Mountain View CDJR!!!

    That was not truth and no one told me that the deposit was non refundable.Saying that I could not be contacted is untrue because I called several times to keep in contact and jeff .I was told he was either busy and would get back to me or he was off.However it is only pocket change and if you...
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    Thank You Bill Pemberton

    congrats joining the TA club enjoy that beautiful car .Hope to see you at captree I will be there with 57/93
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    2014 Gen II Viper mile count

    my 01 RT10 vin1B3ER65E61V703188 has 20130 miles.both it in july has a Paxton for the last 10000 is kept in atemp control garage.