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    All '13 model Vipers are $15,000 off. All '14 model Vipers are priced at invoice.

    Wow prices are getting real attractive, if I could get a 2014 yellow GTS with black stripes and wheels for $99k delivered, I'd buy another one for the wife today.
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    CR Spotless water treatment

    I get about 20-washers with mine, its expensive and well worth it. I've had mine for a couple years now, and wouldn't be without one now. I have several cars, and a couple are black, best detailing purchase I've ever made. Spotless car wash works, and I highly recommend it.
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    A few pics of the new interior

    I must admit, it looks great!
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    Car FAX?

    I've used the service a couple times, and its a nice benefit, Chris has helped me out on one other occassion.
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    Subtle Snakeskin Stripes on SSG ACR

    Real nice job, your SSG looks awesome.
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    White Mamba or 2006 White VOI Coupe wanted

    No not exactly and I didn't see it for sale in the VCA classified section of the forum herein, and I don't read minds well. If he is thinking about selling it for any where close to what the OP is looking to purchase, I might have a friend who would be interested, so I asked. My PM works fine if...
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    White Mamba or 2006 White VOI Coupe wanted

    What are you selling Frank? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Clear Bra, which one?

    If the installer cuts the paint with a razor blade, I'm sure he can sand off the cut line with some 60-80 grip sand paper. My installer did a great job on three of my cars, and there are no issues with any of them. 3M was the brand installed on my cars, but I heard they bought Ventureshield...
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    BEST way to dry the Viper

    Mine dries on its own without water spots, though I use special water to rinse and never have a spot.
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    Happy Birthday Maurice Liang!

    Happy happy Birthday
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    Viper owner demographics????

    White male 51 6' 210 Married 27 years to the same wife 2-college boys (senior at UCF 'Knights'-mechanical engineering & freshman at Florida 'Gators'-Chemical engineering/pre-med). A Real Estate Broker for 27-years. "Living the dream"
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    Anybody Using Gladiator Garage Cabinetry ?

    I have them all over my garage, so far so good, everyone likes the look, clean, neat and organized.