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    Drag Strip Test - C7 Z06 vs Hellcat vs Viper vs ZR1

    Enjoyed the write up. The mph on the Vipers were really impressive. They also out ET'd the Z's on stickier rubber. Nice showing by all the cars.
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    SRT TA VS Huracan

    Impressive. I'd like to see how you do against a 12C from a roll. The Huracan is about as fast as the 12C so it might just be a similar outcome.
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    Stock Viper TA vs Bolt-on GTR (Video)

    Sorry to hear about your troubles...Nice runs. What year GTR?
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    Dodge preparing supercharged, Convertible Vipers for 2016?

    Hmmm. Good question. I'd say 700hp NA for the ACR/TA and 800hp SC for the more street friendly snakes like the GTS.
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    2015 TA 2.0 in Y'ORANGE

    Reminds me of a creamsickle..I much prefer the TA orange though but the car looked good. Never tire of the rear 3/4 view with those fat tires...Some of the youtube comments are ridiculous as usual.
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    TT Gen V

    Mine was also in jest. I saw the sillyness that thread turned into so I knew what you were refering to in your first post in this thread lol.
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    TT Gen V

    LOL...Deep breaths Ed. That thread was hilarious.
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    Competition blue images!

    Not feeling this one at all. Doesn't seem to fit a car with the Vipers aggressive nature to me. How long before pink? :D
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    Heritage vs Fast, Faster, and Fastest

    Ouch. What is Chevy going to do if a G5 ACR comes calling and the Z06 can't even keep up with the TA for a full stint because this or that? The ZR1 seemed to be have built to a better standard and was lighter despite similar characteristics. They should have left the Z06 lightweight and NA...
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    Viper vs GTR and ZO6

    Full bolt-on GTR is around 620ish to the wheels if I'm not mistaken. Nice work. The Viper is much lighter and making close to the same rwhp. If that GTR had to row gears it would have been destroyed imho. DCT kept it in the race. Can't wait to see what a H & C Viper with full bolt-ons and...
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    1BADGTS...please explain

    Don't know what Chevy was thinking releasing the Z like this in snake infested waters. I will sit back and watch this play out however. If a retune is done by the aftermarket instead of the factory then stock to stock the snake will remain the champ. I really want to see them head to head on...
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    Dodge preparing supercharged, Convertible Vipers for 2016?

    That is true. Would be nice to have a breakdown of that left over inventory.
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    Dodge preparing supercharged, Convertible Vipers for 2016?

    Agreed. 350 cars is still quite a lot especially factoring in some will be 2 years old soon.
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    Dodge preparing supercharged, Convertible Vipers for 2016?

    +1...But I wonder how much of Dodge's Fort Knox approach to new info is due to unsold cars etc? How many old/new/non owners that are interested would buy a 2013/2014/2015 Viper regardless of model if they knew a SC Viper was right down the pipeline in 2016?