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    Hit and run

    That ***** , first I must say your Viper is Awesome black red stripes so cool , we do the same thing with all are cars park way far away from everyone to try and avoid fat ladies slamming there door into my cars, parked at church last week far for everyone and someone took the stainless steel...
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    2001 GTS - Is this a problem?

    Have a body shop look at it and a Viper tech, could be just cosmetic or much worse, don't believe anything the dealer tells you they are all crooks. Especially Dodge dealers.
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    New 1995 Owner Questions

    My suggestion is just move the seat up, know one will know your seat is moved up. I had a 95 RT10 and with the seat moved up a 10 year old can reach the pedals, the biggest complaint with the gen1 is the seat didn't go back far enough , my knees use to cover my ears when I drove it, it was like...
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    Viper values going up

    I think the 99 GTS in silver with blue stripe was the best ever, I remember when I first saw one it looked amazing, Wait a minute I have one in my garage how cool, when your old you forget what you have:D
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    How many miles on your snake?

    1995 Yellow RT10 98k 1999 Silver blue stripe GTS a little over 2000 miles, both ordered from factory with my name on the window sticker, so cool. Whats funny is the GTS is on its 3rd set of tires with 2000 miles, changed them do to age.
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    That was one of the best color combo in Viper history in my book, I have a 99 silver with blue stripes that I loved when it came out , my friend got the graphite with strips in 02 and it was awesome. He sold it to a guy who did not like the color and had it painted, what a jack ***. If I had the...
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    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    My first Viper was a yellow 95 RT10, at that time that was the coolest car ever to hit the road, I did a lot of mods to the engine,it was fast as ****, I have a 99 GTS now and I love it, but had the most fun in my life with the gen 1 .
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    Forged engine noise

    Gen 3 engines were not forged from the factory, but if you modified it with forged pistons,crank,rods, ect yes they are more noisy than cast engines especially during warm up till the pistons expand in the cylinders
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    2001 GTS ACR electrical issues

    That sounds like a ground issue, check all the body grounds. Also check all the bulbs, some times a turn signal or brake light bulb will short out and bring power to the ground side of the bulb socket, so check all your lights and make sure they are all working.
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    02 hood won't stay open

    Did you also clean the hing assembly, if they are lubed the hood falls back down, this is one of the rare times that having something lubed makes things worse, when the hinges are dry they make enough resistance to keep the hood from coming down. And if you have to **** them use a silicon spray...
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    The "mileage question"

    All great advice from everyone, and no one is trying to scare you, we just do not want you to get hurt, so we are just making sure you be careful, like mopar said you can drive it like a Honda if you want. But I will admit my first Viper a 95, I was insane, I would lay down miles of rubber all...
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    The "mileage question"

    Yes be very very careful when you get on it, learn the car, you must not forget a Vipers mission is to **** you.:D
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    The "mileage question"

    Just my 2 cents, had a shop for 40 years, and I know a lot about all cars, Trust me its better to buy a car with a thousand miles that sat for 20 years in a garage, than a car with one hundred thousand miles, the TLC that the car with low mileage needs is minor stuff, compared to the high...
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    1st Time Gen 2 buyer - Need Advice

    I had to laugh, my Viper is as perfect as you can get, but every little mark on her, which I only know where they are was done by me. Some times being to careful can back fire.
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    Front thumb screws

    You will definitely gain a few horse power, but the big gains come from stickers.

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