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    14 SRT Viper TA FOR SALE!

    2014 SRT Viper TA Miles 1,*** Oil change performed at 500 miles Xpel clear bra White calipers White & Black valve covers 5% tint Tinted tail lights Warranty valid through October 2017 Nick @ 631-236-8613 ] Vin # 1c3adeaz3ev300018
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    Orange TA for sale?

    Does anyone know of a "like NEW" 2014 SRT TA in Orange for sale? Please contact me if there's one out there... THANKS!
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    Any rare ACR combos for sale?

    I will no longer be looking for an ACR. I got a deal on a White TA that I couldn't pass on... thanks anyways!
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    Any rare ACR combos for sale?

    Interested in a low mileage ACR that has a rare color combo such as... SSG with black center band & green driver stripe White with red driver stripe White with black center band & red driver stripe Voodoo Light blue with or without black center band Etc... Cash in hand! PM or email...
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    Dealers are comparing the values on a 13/4 Viper with no options to a 13/4 Viper that's loaded with "BS" too closely. 70/80k trade in value for a 90k/100k (base model) car is reasonable, but they're offering the same trade in price for the cars optioned up to $150k. Myself along with another VCA...
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    The entire Gen 5 productivity has been nothing less then a disaster. The car is amazing, especially the TA, but I would never in a million years buy a Gen 5 looking at all of these horror stories. 50% less offered on a trade? Some not even getting offers? Give me a break! The Viper brand has...
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    You're not getting it... Your scud dropped that value over 5+ years. The Gen 5 Viper is losing up to 50 % of it's value in the FIRST year. I'm ready to buy a Viper TA, but with the way the values are holding up, no way am I taking a loss like that.
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    Recent picture of my Viper

    SOLD!!!!! :2tu:
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    Looking to trade wheels/tires

    Thanks! Martino Auto Concepts Not yet. Taking too long so most likely trading it in. Want to swap some parts before doing so.
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    Looking to trade wheels/tires

    I have a set of factory 5 spoke wheels powder coated black with Michelin Pilot Super Sports (less then 3k miles on the set). Looking to trade for factory 5 or 10 spoke wheels with Ps1 or Ps2 tires plus cash. PM or 631-236-8613 Thanks!
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    Factory wheels/tires for sale?

    Please delete

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