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    How bad is the ACR on the road?

    Definitely not daily! Weekend toy and occasional highway cruiser for about 100 miles at a time.
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    How bad is the ACR on the road?

    Hi all. I'm looking to trade in my Porsche for a Gen V ACR. Let me quality my preferences by saying I LIKE ******** cars. I own a Lotus Elise and the Porsche is boring me a bit, despite being their more "pure" edition. I like a car that's raw, pure, and engaging. I don't mind getting beaten up...
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    New owner, '00, LOW miles, what to be concerned about?

    Thanks, Steve! It's a 2000. I'm a guy who typically buys new cars so this is unchartered territory. I've heard garage queens can develop their own sets of problems, such as fuel injectors rotting, and was curious if there was any general maintenance advice for purchasing such a car. I've only...
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    Thank you for the great ride

    I hope you enjoy whatever awaits in the next chapter. Since you have a car on order, I assume you'll still be driving them.
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    New owner, '00, LOW miles, what to be concerned about?

    Hey all! New to the club and entirely new to Vipers! This one is a beauty -- only 2400 miles and looks showroom new. I'm wondering what parts I should replace for maintenance, any other concerns I should have, and where to buy these parts. From my post on another forum and talking...
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    Need replacement tires for stock Gen II RT/10

    Hello all. I finally have my lovely, **** stock RT/10! I am beefing up the brakes and tires, but I cannot find replacement tires in the stock sizes except Toyo Proxes R888s which I am led to believe are now street ILLEGAL? Stock sizes are 275/35/18 / 335/30/18 I did find Michelin...

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