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    This is worth drooling over!

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    Gen 1 to 2 PCM swap

    There used to be an adapter harness available for the Gen1 -2 swaps but i would guess they would be long gone......
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    SC RT/10 recommendation for Accusump, any EPC Switch Problems since 2007?

    Now that's a tough looking Gen 1 ...... Any more pics?????
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    Moody Viper

    LOL!!!!!! You just beat me ...
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    Moody Viper

    Maybe worth setting up the throttle cables ....
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    Tator's Garage Tech Session 10/12

    1 of 1 you say ...... very nice
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    96 GTS not starting -- any ideas?

    Even with an AEM you still have the OE PCM for the alarm,Imob, windows ect ect..
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    Sapphire GTS Burnouts and Donuts!!

    Great videos...............
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    Need help, trying to follow ilustrated 'How To'

    Mark call me!!!!!!! I have a bunch of those fuse taps here so don't cut any wires yet.... Baz
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    what year viper was the best built

    Re: what year viper was the best built Still my 02 although changed a bit since 05 LOL.....
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    Hi-fow vs no cats, (will be supercharged eventually)

    No Cats and the two side muffler Borla exhaust set up .... No issues at all ... Flames are cool.
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    A&C Performance......

    Just ordered the Valve cover breather kit from Erick , Great guy and extremely helpful:headbang::2tu: assisted by sending pics and discussing what would work best for my car... Cant wait for the postman now!!!!! Baz UK VP
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    Doctor told me not to drive my car!

    He's just OLD don't feel sorry for him LOL!!!! Seriously Mark hope your back on your feet soon.....

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