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    Recommendation in NorCal Bay Area installing ACR-X Canards?

    There was a thread for this awhile back: Maybe this will help. ViperCeeJ
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    How was VOI 14?? pictures?!

    It was fun! Here are a few that I have.
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    How was VOI 14?? pictures?!

    I am trying to sort through the pictures and videos. It was a lot of fun! I will have some pictures for you tomorrow. Thanks for asking!
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    VCA Forums Transition

    Hello Everyone. We want to let you know that we are going through a transition with our website, right now. We are switching servers so some things may not be working as they used to. Please be patient as the website will ultimately be "new and improved". If you are experiencing...
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    Question About VOI 14

    This is the 14th Viper Owners Invitational that Viper Club of America has put on. These VOIs are planned by the National Club and are designed to be all-in, weekend long events for Viper Owners nationwide. Therefore, we are not able to provide "a la carte" pricing and/or single event...
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    David Jenkins

    Hello, I have a Viper owner who contacted me, looking to get in touch with David Jenkins to have him do some mechanical work on his vehicle. If anyone knows David and can let him know, that would be greatly appreciated. If he is interested in helping this Viper owner out, please have him...
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    VOI 14 just got more exciting!

    REGISTRATION DEADLINES ARE QUICKLY APPROACHING The cut off date for ******* Resort reservations is next Thursday, August 10. The cutoff date for VOI 14 registration is a week from this Sunday, August 13. Please visit for more information. You can download a Registration...
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    Ad in Classified

    George, whenever you make a change to your ad it needs to be approved. Please make sure to email when you do so and I will approve it quicker. I don't always get into that database. ViperCeeJ
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    Happy Car Collector Appreciation Day!

    Today is National Car Collector Appreciation Day so I hope y'all get a chance to get your Vipers on the road.
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    VOI 14 just got more exciting!

    We hope you are planning to join us in September for our VOI - 14 in Maryland. We have some great activities planned. Room registrations at ******* Resort must be made by August 10 - so don't delay. Call 800-228-9290 today and let them know you would like a room under the Viper Club of...
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    1997 GTS Driver's Side Window went down and won't go back up

    Both of you - thank you! I will pass this information on to the gentleman who contacted me. I will let you know if he has any other questions. Appreciate ALL of the support!!!
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    1997 GTS Driver's Side Window went down and won't go back up

    A member has contacted me last week. His driver's side window went down but won't go back up. He is having difficulty finding a replacement switch. He states "IT IS A DUAL CONTROL BUTTON THAT CONTROLS LEFT AND RIGHT POWER WINDOWS. WHEN I PULLED IT OUT IT WAS ONE SWITCH .WHERE CAN I GO?"...
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    VOI 14 just got more exciting!

    VOI 14, Maryland: We will be staying at the ******* Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor We will have a full day of PDE Drag Racing and PDE Auto Cross at Maryland International Raceway We have a weekend planned, full of fun events and we'd love to see everyone there! If you are a...

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