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    600 HP VIPER AT DETROIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST READ

  2. V Feature Car: Heffner Twin-Turbo Viper SRT-10 Thanks again to Bill (NOMERCY) for taking the time out of his day for the photos.
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    1/18 Scale Collection For Sale

    I'm considering selling my collection of 1/18th Vipers, as well as a few other Viper models. None of them are still in the box, although they have sat on a shelf their entire life. A few have some small broken parts, but nothing major. I can send detailed photos on request. I don't really have...
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    Viper Days at Buttonwillow - photos

    Which photos and what size? I generally don't give out full resolution versions of my photographs, but I'll give you a few at 1600x1065 or 1600x1200 depending on how you want them cropped.
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    Viper Days at Buttonwillow - photos

    The rain managed to hold off for the racing, and I got a pretty good amount of photos from today. Enjoy!
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    Drive up to Buttonwill for Viper Days?

    There's a chance of rain that weekend, just like last year. Come on sunshine!!!
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    This truck is going to be in Dodge Truck World in the next issue. It might even be the cover truck. I'll post scans of the issue when it comes out.
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    Viper Factory Pics

    I remember getting the call and hearing that the tour was cancelled. I was so sad! But you, Tony Estes, and Cindy Henderson (the plant manager - for those who don't know) really made it happen. Cindy actually called me at my house and gave me an official invitation to the plant. Going to CAAP...
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    Viper invasion of Crystal Cove...

    There was also a white mamba that showed up late. I took pictures, although not of the Vipers:
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    Viper invasion of Crystal Cove...

    This Saturday should be a huge turnout. There is a photographer from EVO Magazine coming to do a story on the show.
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    SoCal - Irvine, CA: Saleen Car Show Sept 18th, 2004

    What are the times for the show? I've looked on Saleen's web site for info but I haven't found anything.
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    SoCal - Irvine, CA: Saleen Car Show Sept 18th, 2004

    Thanks for the info! I'll be there.
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    Crystal Cove 9/11/04 Photos

    Lots of Vipers!
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    Photos from Willow Springs 8/28/04

    It was great to see so many Vipers out on the track. My only complaint was the heat! I can't imagine how hot it must have been in the cars. Anyway, I took lots of photos, and I even caught two spins!
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    Owners in Phoenix - free Eagle F1 tires

    I just got this email, if anyone is interested: I hope you can help me out. I would like to contact one owner of a tastefully modified Viper for an upcoming photo shoot. Shooting is expected to take place in Phoenix the week of September 27, 2004 - most likely Wednesday and Thursday. The cars...

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