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    Stoptech Rear stainless braided brake lines for 96 GTS

    Stoptech has been out of stock for 4+ months. I have a few open orders for the rear lines and they estimated October sometime.
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    Best clutch brand?

    If you want a McLeod, I have an RXT from my car that needs the discs recovered (McLeod charges $360 for the service). Did not know my car had it until I went to pick up the car & used parts from the shop after they changed the clutch. Open to offers.
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    Best clutch brand?

    LUK is the best **** for the buck.
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    ARH, Belanger, Emissions in GA

    You can purchase a cat pipe from ARH or simply add a cat to your current system (simple for any fabricator).
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    Seeking advice for 1999 Slave Cylinder / "Throw Out Bearing"

    You can run a C5 Corvette slave, just swap out the fittings with the slave you pull out of the car.
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    KW suspension on ‘93 GEN 1?

    GEN1 & GEN2 are not interchangeable, completely different mounts. I have set of GEN1 BC available.
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    Stock motor mounts, Gen 1

    The Reid site is me. I have a significant amount of poly engine (and trans) mounts in stock and highly suggest the combo. They prevent the driveline from excess movement, which has its benefits of weight transfer in the chassis when pushing the car around. But the shifter feel with poly mounts...
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    Converting to Smooth Tubes

    If you want the OE look, I make 4ply black smooth tubes and they are available on .
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    Gen 2 Driveshaft Yoke

    I had two separate u-bands let go and take out the yoke on the half shafts. Part is NLA and I was SOL. Ended up getting a diff from X2, then the second time Dan in exchange for mine. Dan might be able to help you out.
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    Low Coolant In Overflow??

    1. buy race ramps (you'll use them again) 2. drive up on said race ramps 3. pop off the front bumper (5-10 min) 4. fill front overflow with distilled water (I used to fill until the dump tube started to drip) 5. top off the upper coolant tank with distilled water
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    GTS exhaust question

    It's likely a 3" inlet on the Corsa with the cat's 2.5" pipe going inside of it.
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    GTS vs ACR

    I'm a big fan of the ACR and have owned both ACR and GTS (x2). But it's relatively easy to build a better set up if you can live without the stickers & plaque. Here's my last GTS and an ACR. Only power mods on the GTS different from ACR are light flywheel, headers and cat delete. It would...

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