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    '08 Tuning

    That is such a bull**** answer. And YES you did hold out on the tuning, you know it we know it and ALL oems do it. You guys actually hurt your own sales when doing stuff like locking out ecm's. It's called HOT RODDING. Americans like to do that and if you lock them out with no aftermarket...
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    Went back to the dyno - MOPAR PCM vs OEM

    good deal. thanks for posting and taking the time to retest everything.
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    CEL on my 08, and ABS light . any ideas?

    thanks Steve, ill try that tomorrow. unfortunalty i didnt write down the codes, i was in a parking lot with my scan tool and i just cleared the code so i could get out of limp mode. i dont see how what/how i drove last night would be any different in an ACR on a race track? ive got the same...
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    MOPAR ECU did not dyno well, lost 12wtq/gain 5whp - Graph inside

    guys i have owned and operated two dynos for 17 yrs. it kills me when guys say their car lost 10 hp later days later. it could be just 10 minutes later if the car was off the dyno and reinstalled, things can and will be different. never ever are two different dyno runs going to exactly match up...
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    CEL on my 08, and ABS light . any ideas?

    i have a weird Cel that popped up on my '08, and it put it into limp home mode. hopefully Mark J or Grail will chime in, its got the mopar ecu, headers, (catch can for valve covers, so oil doesnt get into intake) no cats,ported intake and K&N smooth tubes kit, and the rain defelctor is removed...
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    Gen III to Gen IV Engine Build

    Dan you are doing a great job as usual. The last 10% of all builds takes 90% of the time! :) If I can help let me know. I've got in house Cnc machining and throttle bodies are nothing new to me. Just another option if I can help.
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    Exhaust manifold removal on 09 Coupe

    i think there are some variations from car to car on the Gen 4's. ive done a couple, one went easy they other was a nightmare, and i had to push will someone pulled to get the stock manifold out.
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    ** NEW 800 RWHP GEN 3 TURBO SYSTEM ** in Progress**

    man there are some faaaaaast 10.5 outlaw cars running single turbos. a good system with a single will still make more power than you can use. this is going to be pretty cool , congrats steve. now i am thinking of putting one on my Gen4! you bastage! :)
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    Coupe Rear Convert Converion Kit- Pics - Pics - Pics

    Steve that is awesome. great job. this is a must have for any vert owner. this is how Dodge should have done it. you nailed it brother. i expect you are going to be swamped!
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    XVIPERS Michael Mike Nouri difficult contact challenge

    ahhahaahaha.:rolaugh: nope none of the above. i was security forces in the Marines. so ******** me over wouldnt go well.:nono: i am really sorry for anybody who didnt have a pleasant experience, but i never had any thing like that. now i have tried to order more parts and couldnt get a call...
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    [PICS] New 2 Post Lift installed! [PICS]

    looks great Andy. we have had a lift like that for 7 years and never had an issue. we even store vehicles on it. works great. congrats and good choice!
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    XVIPERS Michael Mike Nouri difficult contact challenge

    not to start a debate......please know i am merely stating my personal expereince. michael was great to deal with. i bought a set of gen 4 seats, and a qauiffe rear end. both times, he sent me the parts asap and didnt ask for payment. just had me mail him a check after i recieved the parts. very...
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    Anyone with an RB1 unit?

    guys, mine is sold-------:smirk:
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    smoking deal on belangers for gen4

    No, this is a GEN-4 set up 2008-2010.
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    Anyone with an RB1 unit?

    i got one out of my 2008. built in disc, everything. never used. make an offer

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