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Sep 7, 2013
Oct 3, 2009
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Sep 7, 2013
    1. Zentenk
      Alright, thanks for info. It will be awhile before I find out if I get to go to Germany. I need quieter exhaust, it is way too loud, hate it. What is wrong with tires? I will have brand new tires when I get there so that shouldn't be a problem. Second set of wheels will have stickier tires though.
    2. EL_JEFE
      Yes we are cover over the SOFA agreement but we still have rules. Yes you need Catalyst converter, no window tint, noise level max is 95db but if your car is on factory exhaust you are good( is you have after market and everything looks like factory you are good. And believed me they will fail you when you go to inspection. My corvette fail ones because of the noise levels. Tires is a big issue also. Let me know if you have any question.

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    1998 Viper GTS Red/Black Two Tone
    K&N Intake, Off road X-pipe, SSR & SRT 6 spokes wheels
    427hp/480tq - 12.03 @ 120mph