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    SRT Viper with C7 Corvette

    Doesn't matter, I will still see 100x more Vettes and it will get old quick.
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    funny shift ****

    The dumbest thing I have ever heard a salesman say was, "It has a 6 speed but you will never get to use 6th on the road." This was when my friend was looking at an 04 GTO...
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    too fat to fit

    Also, you will get faster times in the 1/4 by weight reduction.
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    Got some professional shots done :)

    Looks too clean for a 4x4.
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    2010 ACR vs GEN V car

    ***** all this, I want to see a Gen 1 vs Gen 5!! That would be like beating up your grandpa. :omg:
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    Cross country trip in my "new" snake

    Should have done a burnout the whole way.
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    SRT Viper Vs. Corvette C7 - Seeing both in under 24 hours...

    I don't have a problem with the blacked out rear on the vette, as most guys custom paint their vettes C5 and C6 to be blacked out there. I'm not a Vette guy but I think it should have kept the round tail lights, no need for the angular ones, and if you are going to make those angular why the...
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    Check your "angel eye" LEDs

    There isn't a switch for them?
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    They Stole My Track Pack Wheels/Tires

    I want to see better pics of these, this is somewhat comical.
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    Just Plast Dipped the Viper

    How long did your plastidip last before it started to peel?
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    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    I'm digging the rusted wires on that chair! Those seats look sweet!
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    Just Plast Dipped the Viper

    I plan on plasti-dipping my Viper in a few months, just not sure what color to go with. I will probably try a few out over the course of next year to find out what I will repaint my car as.
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    SRT Viper vs SLS AMG Black Series

    I agree, it is done, go ahead and throw the DCT in as I am sure for you lazy, geriatric folks it will be a blessing, less clean up in your depends from a missed shift would be a plus. If you decide to pull the "Viper" out of the garage anyway.
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    Hemotoxin: A Viper cruise video.

    Awesome, but it just shows why I absolutely hate having a red Viper.
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    SRT Viper vs SLS AMG Black Series

    Just listen to Randy when he races both cars, you can tell the AMG is boring as ****, as he is much quieter. It isn't like he has to think more, he is paddle shifting! Anyways, I am really annoyed at the "should have brought out the TA!" comments. I really hate the TA, if anything it was a sore...

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