gen 5

  1. Johnz

    Parts right side window switch.

    Looking for a new power window switch or is there a way to fix the switch. Window goes down but not up from passage side. Able to go up and down from driver's control. found the part number for 2013 SRT viper GTS. Does anyone know where to find parts? Everyone says no longer supported on...
  2. H

    Help Needed: Driver Side Power Window and Buttons Issue

    Hi, I'm facing an issue with my 2016 viper. The driver side power window and buttons are not working. Checked fuses and relays - all good. Additionally, the window doesn't roll down slightly when opening/closing the door. Could it be the switch, body control module, or damaged wiring? It seems...
  3. malmu77


    Greetings, I am new to this website and I apologize if this is the wrong area to discuss this matter. Basically some days back my gen 5 gts battery went dead, I jump started the car nothing unusual, forward two days after the battery went dead again and I jump started it all is good until I...
  4. Steve M

    Metal Gen 5 (2015-2017) Throttle Bodies on a Gen 4 (2008-2010)

    DISCLAIMERS This is NOT a performance upgrade. I did this modification for three reasons: 1. Cosmetics - I think the metal throttle bodies look better, especially if you already have a Gen 5 intake manifold 2. Durability - the plastic throttle bodies never really let me down, but I've never...