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    Hi Guys,
    I figured since the "Vendor Review" section is now locked for regular users, I would post this here in the hopes that it gets moderator-relocated to the proper section. Here goes!

    Recently, I brought my 96 RT/10 in for some routine work for a 13 year-old car; Todd and Mike went to work replacing the fuel pump and upgrading it to a high-volume unit (NOT recommended work for an amateur -- leave this one to the pros, guys. It involved a custom basket design, is very time-consuming, and, if done improperly, will cost you another 8 hours of labor to pull and re-install the fuel tank!). They also replaced plug wires, rewired the entire stereo system, took care of a few nicks on the fascia, and re-fastened the side sills with "rivnuts."

    Then, they made me a wonderful deal on a Paxton supercharger kit! I figured, now that my fuel system is fresh, why not! They added T&D 1.7 rockers, a full polished Paxton Gen 1 kit with a Gen 2 air intake because I am running a Gen 2 hood, re-tuned the VEC2, added a triple-pass aluminum radiator, fan controller, fast O2s, and added a wideband O2 sensor.

    Now, all of this makes for an awesome performance package, but Todd and Mike took the time to understand what I do and don't like and they know I like my car to look stock and clean. How did they accomplish this?

    A&C removed my dash, had it re-painted due to some mild scratching, and then removed and disassembled my existing voltmeter. They then adhered the trim ring from the voltmeter to the new wideband O2 sensor and installed the new wideband gauge in place of the voltmeter! Totally stock looking and no "ricer" gauges mounted to the steering column or dash. I LOVE it!

    What else? Well, I don't like the look of the VEC2 (no offense, Sean) so I wanted to hide it. I checked the height and depth of the cavity inside the air intake for cabin air and thought it might be a good hiding place for the VEC. Todd painstakingly fashioned bracketry, made wiring harnesses modifications, and placed inconspicuous holes for the vacuum line and wiring. No more VEC2 in my engine compartment! The program card can easily be inserted and removed via the breather hole!

    Same thing for the cooling fan controller. They hid it just beneath the windshield washer tank making it totally stealth!

    Thanks so much guys, you have made my Viper experience that much better! There is no finer shop!

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    Todd and the guys in SD are great to work with. Make sure they upgrade your P/S pump bracket too!!!!!
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    Thanks Mike. :)

    Don't make the other shops jealous!

    I get an awesome customer, an even better friend, and the BEST computer guru on the planet! and you forgot the 3 quart accusump you made me add :)


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